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Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap – 18 Pack (72 Total Traps)

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  • Consistent quality from a century-old brand
  • Original wooden wire snap trap with scented, cheese pedal
  • Pre-baited; no chemicals or poisons, can be used around children and pets
  • 72 Total Traps That are reusable or disposable
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The Victor easy set Mouse trap takes the original #1 selling wooden wire snap trap & adds a large, pre-baited plastic cheese pedal for even more effective Mouse control. This trap delivers Instant rodent control & is safe for household use. Its superior quality & effectiveness are why more than a billion snap traps have been sold since wood stream corporation invented them in 1898 the Victor easy set Mouse traps can be used anywhere in the home. Place traps several’ apart along any wall where you’ve seen or suspect rodent activity. Easy set traps don’t use chemicals or poisons, so they’re ideal for use around children & pets-but please use caution.

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Weight 0.035 lbs
Dimensions 2.46 × 4.72 × 6.21 in
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2.46 x 4.72 x 6.21 inches

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10 reviews for Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap – 18 Pack (72 Total Traps)

  1. cooper

    I would give the Victor traps 5 stars except that in a full case there will be a couple that you simply can’t set because the tripwire is just a micrometer too short. The majority however, are quick and easy to set and extremely effective. I’ve tried every kind of mouse control on the market for my barns and have by far the greatest success with plain old-fashioned Victor snap traps.I have now used a case of these Victor snap traps, and a case of Tomcat brand snap traps. Do yourself a favor and buy the Victor. Some bean counter at Tomcat must have decided to save money by using a cheaper smaller diameter wire for the coil spring, and also making the spring shorter than what is used in these Victor traps. The much stronger Victor spring makes them reliable snap traps. In contrast, the Tomcat weak spring results in mice actually escaping from under the spring. Also in mice being caught but not killed and then you find them and have to deal with that. I want the mice dead, I don’t want to torture them to death. If that doesn’t bother you, consider that the live mice caught in the trap are able to drag themselves and the trap long distances into unseen and unknown hiding places where they eventually die and rot and stink, and THEN you find them.

  2. Michelle Holmes

    So this product probably could have gotten the mouse sooner but it was user error on my part. Being that this was the first time I have ever put down traps , I didn’t know that I couldn’t put them down with my bare hands. I didn’t know that mice could smell humans and be deterred by that smell. Luckily I was getting more traps the next day so I was able to fix the problem right away. And decided to wear gloves all the time when handing any traps. However I didn’t want to throw away all my barehanded traps. I threw away one and replaced it. And the other new traps I received I put it in different places. I figured that I had so many options with poison and sticky traps that something was bound to catch this mouse. Wouldn’t you know , it was the trap I replaced that caught him. It felt like Christmas morning seeing him in the trap. I can finally go to sleep at night. I know he’s probably got brothers and sisters so I’ll keep my traps out and as soon as I can get some sealing I will be closing their entry point.

  3. CER

    Bad mouse year…but the traps have worked well

  4. Courtney Cannon

    These are way smaller than I thought they were going to be! So far no rats have been attracted to them. So not luck on these for me.Update! These have caught 2 rats so far they seem to be attracted to the yellow fake cheese!

  5. Breanna H

    They’re finicky to get the setup right but we’ve caught a few mice with just peanut butter

  6. Cody

    There are 100 different kinds of mouse traps in the world, by don’t go reinventing the wheel. While they are a little more difficult to “set” than some others, these are by far the most economical and effective version. A little bit of peanut butter on the trap and place against a wall = good to go.The only time I’d recommend a different style is if you have pets with access to where you are placing the traps. Mine were in the garage against the wall behind various other bins etc. with no danger of a pet reaching it.

  7. Ann M. Brunsberg

    It took some time to set up the trap correctly, but eventually, it caught the mouse. I used peanut butter and two pieces of dog food as bait. The key to this type of trap is to position the arm bar under the middle of the plastic part. Remember that these traps are extremely sensitive, so you must be careful not to have the mouse trap snap on your fingers and to wear gloves when dealing with the mouse trap to avoid your scent from going on it.

  8. Cranjis McBasketball

    I got a two pack and it seems the first one was faulty. While setting it up, a metal piece came out, which then made the spring dislodge into my finger. It hurt like an absolute motherf. I’m not even a mouse and I’m afraid of this stupid thing now.

  9. Jonathan Newell

    I always buy these for our mice problems. Usually, I get them at the store, but my store was out .. luckily I found them on Amazon for even cheaper. I like this 2-pack because it’s really all we need. You don’t even have to put any bait in them, they catch just fine how they’re made pre-baited. You can re-use them after you catch a mouse, if you want to. 😉 depends on how messy the situation was.

  10. Capricorn One

    I hated the old style mouse traps where you risk losing a finger trying to set the trap. The design of these snap traps is much better. There is a large yellow plastic bait holder. You put the bait in that first, then fold back the metal snap spring and, while holding the bait holder in an semi-upright position, you inset the metal trap holder piece into the bottom notch of the bait holder. NOTE: the bait holder will not be flat, but rather at about a 45 degree angle. Set the metal trap holder to one side of the bait holder bottom notch, ensuring there is strong tension on the bait holder. Much safer to use than the old style traps, and works very well. Recommend

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