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Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap, Never See a Dead Rodent Again, 2 Traps

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  • Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap is the effective way to eliminate mice in the home
  • Our covered trap kills and contains the mouse, so you never have to see or touch a dead rodent again
  • This easy-to-use mouse trap is perfect for tight spaces and sets with just one touch
  • Place in areas where mouse activity has been noticed or suspected, like near refrigerators, stoves, and pantries, between washers and dryers, and along baseboards, then toss entire trap once mouse has been caught
  • This package of Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap contains 2 disposable mouse traps
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Protecting your home and family from mice just got easier with the Tomcat® Kill & Contain® Mouse Trap. This mouse trap’s covered design kills and contains the mouse, so you never have to see or touch a dead mouse again. You read right–you do not have to see the mouse to know it has been caught. In addition, the trap is great for tight spaces and sets with just one touch. To use, open the bait door located on back of trap and place Tomcat® Attractant Gel (sold separately) or other food such as peanut butter or cheese in the bait well. Then, close the bait door and set trap by pressing the arm on the side of the trap. We recommend placing two Kill & Contain® Mouse Traps 5 to 10 feet apart in areas where mouse activity has been noticed or suspected, like near refrigerators, stoves, and pantries, between washers and dryers, and along baseboards. Check the traps frequently. When the indicator points to “Mouse Caught,” the mouse has been captured. Simply use grab tab to dispose of entire trap. This package of Tomcat® Kill & Contain® Mouse Trap contains 2 disposable mouse traps.

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Weight 7.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.63 × 7.75 × 6.13 in
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2.63 x 7.75 x 6.13 inches

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7.1 ounces



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The Scotts Company LLC

5 reviews for Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap, Never See a Dead Rodent Again, 2 Traps

  1. Amazon Customer


  2. MommyOfTwo

    These are great for families, pet owners (of which we are both) or those who are squeamish. I was really torn about using snap traps because I’d prefer a humane exit for the mice. However, everything I read about the leading traps said there weren’t enough air holes, etc. for longer “stays” in the traps and I didn’t plan on checking the traps every hour or so. I also don’t have the opportunity to release the animals far enough from our home, so I decided to look for a trap that was quick at least…and enclosed. I really didn’t want to clean up a mess or honestly be faced with the aftermath of the trap. (Nor did I want my kids to see any gore either.) Also, it would take a really determined and curious smallish cat to get its paw all the way back to the snap part of this trap. I’m not even sure it would be hurt if the trap snapped anyway because of the design. These suited our needs really well.That being said, as with other reviews, there were some issues getting the trap to open up, but we didn’t have any that wouldn’t set after some struggling. We bought a few of these in store as well and they were 3/6 as far as not setting easily. Sometimes I had to reach into the trap to pull it down while pushing the lever to get it to stay open versus just the lever on the side of the trap. One trap took several attempts.We did have one that the bait was taken and the trap didn’t snap. I then decided to put peanut butter into the tiny bait door instead of spreading it on a bit of bread and loading it. That did the trick. The next time I set the trap it snapped successfully in a matter of minutes.Anyway, once they were set, these traps were awesome. No mess, no poison and no question as to whether the trap had caught an animal thanks to the marking by the lever. Sometimes it was sad and their little tails were hanging out, but that was all that I saw. The mice were taken care of in a few hours of setting a trap, if it even took an hour. Twice we set one, walked away and it had snapped within five minutes.

  3. Sandra l petrino

    Put in front of a known hole the mouse would enter. Took 3 months to get him. I’m wondering if my dog scared it inside bc it didn’t seem to be stupid enough to go inside. Good news is that I can’t see it. Poor lil fella but he can’t live here.

  4. Marsha Queen of Amazon

    I have lived in my home for 20 years & never seen a mouse in it. I had found dead remains in my yard where my dogs had stopped them before they could make it inside. Well, this year a mamma mouse had 2 babies in a crate on my front porch before my dogs noticed her. Sadly, the 2 babies thought they belonged here. One moved inside while the other liked living on my porch. Of course, I didn’t care for the additional mouths to feed & I started my research on the best way to eliminate my problem. A friend had had limited success using the Tomcat trap so I started my research there. I also checked out vids on youtube so I could see for myself the most effective way to use them.The thought of using a regular old timey mouse trap bothered me cuz I would have to look at the dead mouse in the trap. Yes, I understand thsat is the purpose of the trap & I did want my mice dead…I just didn’t want to look at their dead little bodies. After watching several yt vids on the Tomcat, I decided that is where I’d start. IF they didn’t work as well as expected, I could always start over in my research.My indoor buddy hid in my bathroom closet & would run down the wall to the tub then turn to run down the side of the tub. I loaded & used my first Tomcat in the corner where it usually made its first turn. To my horror the next morning, that little vermin ran down the wall to the Tomcat, jumped on top of it & turned to run down the side of the tub. I was at a loss as to why it didn’t go after the food inside. Guess it felt insulted by my failed attempt & it quickly moved into my bedroom. I had an unopened bag of chocolate candy on my night stand & it helped itself to some of it. That was my ah-ha moment. So,I get the Tomcat from the bathroom & dump the bait I had used. I refilled the bait area with the chocolate pieces it had attempted to steal & sat the Tomcat on my night stand. Nothing happened during the night; but while I was out to lunch later in the day, I come home with the trap tripped. Peek inside & all I see is a tiny little mouse tail hanging down..A day or so later I return home to find the outside mouse sitting in my dog’s food bowl. Since the Tomcat comes with 2 to a box, I took out the second one & loaded it with pieces of chocolate & set it to ready, placing it near my dog’s bowl.Next morning that trap had also been tripped. Once again I peek in & see nothing but a tiny little tail hanging in sight. Both were tossed into my garbage can as it was trash day. Now I have NO more mice invading my space. I can now say that the Tomcat works as long as you find bait that your mouse is tempted to go after. Peanut butter didn’t work for me but freshly broken chocolate did attract them within 12-18 hours.This trap works wonderfully once you find out what will tempt your unwanted guest. As a plus for us squeamish females, I never had to look at the dead critter…just its limp little tail. With the handle on top, I didn’t have to worry about touching the nasty little critter either!!!I have been so pleased with the outcome that I’ve ordered another box of 2 traps just in case my 2 critters had some friends I haven’t seen yet!!! At the current price for 2 traps, it only costs me $3.50-4.00 per mouse & I find it worth the price & just toss the trap in place of trying to empty & reuse. For me the real reason for using the Tomcat was that I never had to see the limp little body & I achieved that!!! I hope I never have to use the traps I just ordered; however, I’m ready if I’m wrong!!!

  5. Amazon Customer

    This should have been mentioned in the tomcat add.
    There was no bait with this item.

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