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Soundcore by Anker Life P3i – Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds with 6 Mics, Excellent Sound Quality, Comfortable Fit, Long 40H Playtime, Bluetooth 5.2, User-Friendly App, Effective Noise Cancellation

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Brand Soundcore
Model Name Life P3i
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • Focus On Your Music: Life P3i noise cancelling earbuds have hybrid active noise cancelling feature with 3 microphones on each side that reduces external noise up to 90% so you can stay focused on your music.
  • AI-Enhanced Clear Calls: Get clear calls anywhere you go with 6 dedicated microphones built into the wireless earbuds and a noise-isolating AI algorithm that picks up your voice precisely.
  • Punchy Beats and Customized Sound: Enjoy powerful bass with Life P3i noise cancelling earbuds’ 10mm drivers. Choose your preferred EQ settings from 22 different options and customize your sound profile via the Soundcore app.
  • Charge Faster, Listen Longer: Life P3i noise cancelling earbuds last for 10 hours on a single charge or 40 hours with the compact case. For a quick boost of power when you’re on the move, charge for 10 minutes and listen for 2 hours.

From the brand

Product Description

Easy to Use


Use One Earbud Only

Whenever you don’t want to use both earbuds, place either one of the buds back in the charging case.


Easy Button Controls

Life P3i earbuds are equipped with easy-to-use tactile buttons that offer control over your audio.

Essential Tips for First Use



Key Features(Model Number: A3993)

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling: Life P3i noise cancelling earbuds block out 90% of background noise to maintain your focus and ensure nothing distracts you from your music.

Crystal-Clear Clarity: Enhanced voice pick-up via 6 microphones while AI noise reduction ensures you’re heard clearly when using Life P3i noise cancelling earbuds for calls.

Superior Sound: Featuring 10mm drivers that produce thumping bass and crisp trebles, hear every detail of your songs.

Customize Your Sound: Use the Soundcore app to choose between 22 EQ settings, personalize your sound profile, or switch between your preferred sound modes.

Up to 40-Hour Playtime: Get 10 hours of playtime on a single charge and up to a total of 40 hours when you use the compact case to recharge the wireless earbuds. When in ANC mode, get up to 32 hours of non-stop playtime or enjoy 8 hours of listening on a single charge.

Light Buds for All-Day Comfort: Easily put on these comfortable wireless earbuds that weigh only 5g—perfect for you to wear all day long.

Transparency Mode: Order a coffee, pay for groceries, or walk around your neighborhood safely—all while listening to your playlist.

Quick Charge: Power up your Life P3i noise cancelling earbuds in lesser time with fast charging. A quick 10-minute charge gets you 2 hours of use.

Bluetooth 5.2: Advanced Bluetooth technology enables faster transmission speeds and stable connectivity for smooth music playback.

Mono Mode: Remove one earbud from the charging case to use by itself whenever you don’t want to use both earbuds.

Important information

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Weight 1.76 lbs
Dimensions 2.48 × 1.93 × 1.14 in
Product Dimensions ‏

2.48 x 1.93 x 1.14 inches



Item model number ‏



2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available ‏

November 10, 2021



Charging Time

9 Hours

Item Weight

0.11 Pounds, 1.76 ounces


1 Count

Number Of Items


Manufacturer ‏


10 reviews for Soundcore by Anker Life P3i – Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds with 6 Mics, Excellent Sound Quality, Comfortable Fit, Long 40H Playtime, Bluetooth 5.2, User-Friendly App, Effective Noise Cancellation

  1. Doreen Ethan O’Neall

    I was searching around for a long time for a good pair of budget earbuds. At the time of my purchase I think they cost $60. They lasted a year, sounded great, had great battery, had great EQ features within the app.However, after a year a problem arose where the earbuds would not sit properly in the case and they would not charge. I did all of the troubleshooting: cleaning the metal connectors, removing the silicon tips so that the metal connectors would contact, removing the Bluetooth device from my phone and then be adding it, and also resetting the earbuds from the case. But none of it fixed the problem. In fact, the reset button didn’t even work. I would hold it down for 10 seconds and it would be no indication that the case was being reset. It has been just over a year since I bought these on Amazon. So on a whim I reached out to Anker’s customer service and told them about my problem with the earbuds. They asked a few questions and we corresponded with the email a little bit. Then they sent me a replacement. Although it is a renewed set, I am so amazed by the customer service. I didn’t think that my earbuds would be replaced. I’m very thankful. You go Anker!

  2. Sara R.

    I lost my AirPods, and refused to buy cheaper options because I was worried about wasting my money and really needed the noise cancellation. I finally gave these a chance, and DO NOT REGRET IT! These are amazing! Longgggg charge, I barely have to charge these! Comfortable, and don’t pop out constantly. The noise cancellation is really good! You can bring it in and out of transparent mode, easy to install and set up. They even auto connect to my phone, computer, and iPad. It also seamlessly transitions between the audio between my devices!!!! My AirPods always had issues with this.They are a little uncomfortable to sleep in, if you want to sleep with them I would look into their smaller options. But they do work great at droning out snoring at night (wink, wink! Haha. But they will have a low battery if you listen to music 8-10 hours overnight). This is definitely a great more affordable option for earbuds. I was even able to let me fiancé borrow them for the gym, while I have an iPhone and he an android. He was able to easily install the app and connect.The only con I have is to connect a device you have to open the case, with two buds in, and press the button at the bottom. It’s just awkward, but not a dealbreaker.Update: No “Hey Siri” on these… sometimes I want to made a hand free call and would use Siri. But these aren’t compatible and have issues with understanding what I’m saying.

  3. C. Taylor

    These earbuds are exactly what I was looking for–cheap bluetooth headphones that I can use for Zoom calls in my office. I really like them for that purpose. They are comfortable, light, and connect to all of my devices easily and consistently. Battery life is also good.That said, if you are looking for earbuds to use for music, or noise cancelling, then look elsewhere. The noise cancellation is non-existent as far as I can tell. Toggling it on/off does almost nothing. The transparent mode sounds exactly like the noise cancelling mode. The sound quality is also very tinny–not a good bass response at all. The app does allow you to EQ the sound, which is awesome, so you can get it to sound a little bit better. It also sounds WAY better in noise cancelling or transparent mode–and I have no idea why.So, with a little finagling, you can get them to sound decent for music, but I would never want to use these as my main music listening headphones. For calls/Zooms, these are perfect.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I received my new Soundcore earbuds today. They are a nice, compact set of ear buds that may be about the size of the apple AirPod Pros.I was able to connect them very quickly to both my iPhone & my Apple table with no problems. The sound is amazing and you can actually download the Soundcore App from the App or Google play store which allows you you to customize the sound with an equalizer and also control the noise cancellation features. The tip of these SoundCore earbuds is slightly angled so they stay in my ear more effectively and don’t want to fall out like my AirPod Pros often did.I had recently purchased another set of Bluetooth headphones and the sound quality was good but callers couldn’t clearly hear me so I had to find a different option and chose these SoundCore ear buds. With these, the call quality and clarity is as good as with the Apple AirPod Pros. Since these are only approximately 1/3 the cost of the Apple AirPods, they are an extremely tremendous value.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I would rate this a 10 but 5 is the highest I can go.First let me say that I am a Die Hard Apple fanatic. However, Apple products are getting more and more expensive and I am not convinced that Apple is worth every penny like they once were back in the days when Steve Jobs was running the empire.That being said, these headphones are AMAZING for the price and all the features that it offers.My AirPods Pro gave out and I could of easily purchased another set of Apple AirPods Pro. Instead, I decided to purchase wireless headphones using reviews and OH MY GOD! These headphones are the best for your buck!!1)Noise Cancellation is surprisingly and shockingly amazing!2) The BASS!! Just wow!!3) Beautiful design and charging case!!4) Battery life is perfect!!5) Great mic to talk while on calls!!6) Overall, just perfect!!Lets Go HOUSTON ASTROS????????

  6. Richard C. Stillwell

    I bought these earbuds eleven months ago and have been extremely pleased with them. They provide excellent sound, they are comfortable and they have great battery life. Last week the left earbud stopped working. I called Soundcore and four days later I had a replacement set of earbuds with no cost or hassle. I would recommend buying from this company for their quality products and excellent customer support.

  7. Is It Grassfed?

    I’ve now tested some of the other “top” $200+ earbuds, and these things are truly unbelievable
    I don’t often take time to write reviews and I’ll keep this one short and sweet:These were my first transition from over the ear wired earbuds, having come from a decade of wired earbuds that offered unbelievable sound quality compared to “wireless” – and previously coming from a decade of hi-fi audio with headphones that cost anywhere from $500 – $2000 and high end home audio equipment.So the transition was slow, and I never believed I would find wireless earbuds that could comapre in any way.Well boy was I wrong. These things are just so good on all the levels one would want from earbuds.1st – They fit perfect, they never fall out of my ear. I barely ever if ever need to push them in any deeper to get the fit back. They go in, they sit in, and they stay there. They are so comfortable and effortless to wear sometimes I put them in and they just stay in my ears while I don’t even play music or do anything. Kind of like comfortable ready to go earplugs that mask outside noise without any “noise cancellation frequencies” or annoyingness at all.2nd – Sound quality! I bought (and then returned) multiple other top competitors. Skullcandy, JBL, Sennheiser and now currently Beats Pro+ or whatever. All of these were $100 – $400. Most around the $230 mark. Each time I got these, I’d switch back and forth between them and the P3i and EACH AND EVERY TIME I found myself saying: these $200+ ones are only MINIMALLY better in some ways audally than the P3is. And those times were all not justifiable over both the cost and the fit. The fit on the P3i’s wins over all of them. The sound qualirty is SO CLOSE to that of the $200+ ones it’s crazy, and in many cases it was actually the same or BETTER.3rd – Call quality – The call quality on these is top notch. The microphone perfect. I’ve never ONCE had an issue where someone said there was too much background noise or I sounded weird or they couldn’t hear me. I have had calls in public on the street, at the beach and in busy areas in malls, etc – and every time: perfect4th – Battery life. Battery life? I haven’t had these run out ever. I charge them at night, and often times I’ll be out all day listening to music, riding my bike, walking, whatever – and use them for like 8-10 hours. NO ISSUES.All in all, these are my favorite earbuds I’ve ever tried. And for a measly $69.99 CAD? HAH! Anker has a absolutely stellar winning product here.I scrolled through other people’s reviews to find their “cons” and laughed at a lot of them. There are simply no cons with these.The bass may be a tap bit “boomy” in some cases instead of a little more deep and refined like it is on the beats pro+ but when you couple that with the price, the fit, the battery and how well these win in all areas all around I am even considering to return the beats pro+. Any sane person of means with a busy life would want to have 2 sets of earbuds. Just in the case of loosing one, or leaving them in the car or somewhere else at a friends house or whatever. So I may well keep the beats as my 2nd set. But honestly, I’d just consider returning them and buying a SECOND set of the P3i’s.They are THAT good. If you are reading my review in the sea of reviews on these, just stop – and BUY THESE.Thanks Anker, you made me spend 10 minutes of my life writing this review in admiration of what an incredible product you’ve accomplished making. I am looking forward to an upgraded model if they come out with one, and would happily pay a higher price tag if that ever happens.Over the moon with these 🙂


    Have only bought and used soundcore buds and i have three different sets. Liberty 3 pro, space a40 and these, the p3i and to tell you the honest truth, i prefer these by far for one big reason, they fit much better then the other two.They sound great, battery lasts for hours on maximum volume and would buy again without hesitation.The apple design is a winner and i will only buy buds in this style in future.

  9. Jerry

    Excellent sound. Connectivity could be better.
    They sound good. I can’t seem to connect them to more than one device. It seems they will only pair to one device and if you want to use them with a different device you need to restart the the pairing process. The pairing requires the headphones to be in the case with the lid open. You have to find the small button next to the charging port and hold it until the light starts flashing. Connect your device and then remove the headphones from the case. I have multiple other wireless headphones that are much easier to pair and stay connected. I do like the way they fit and sound is better than the monster air 100. The sound is comparable to the galaxy buds pro. They seem to get a little louder. The Galaxy buds are much more user friendly.

  10. Trinda

    A good set of True Wireless Earbuds for the price
    I’ve had a number of Soundcore headphones (both in ear and over ear), and they’ve all be great, so I was anticipating these to work just as well. There are a few cons to them, but overall they work great for the price. I’ve only had them about a week, and I tend to use them working out, making phone calls for work, and listening to music/podcasts/audiobooks.The Pros:–The price! It’s hard to find good true wireless earbuds with decent battery life and ANC for under $100. Although I haven’t tested the battery life fully yet, so I can’t really speak to that.–The size. I have pretty small ears, so most earbuds don’t fit well. I’ve tried Apple Airpods 3 and pro, and those both fall out of my ears easily and I have to constantly readjust them. These do not, unless I’m really moving around (like a doing a hard workout but even then they slip a bit, and don’t fall out completely).–Sound Quality. I’m not an audiophile, so I can’t really speak to this, but to me, the sound is pretty great when listening to music or podcasts.–Soundcore App. I’ve used the app before for other earbuds, and I really like how I can customize and change the sound a bit dependin on what I’m using the earbuds for.–Connectivity. It hasn’t lost connection at all. And they connect really quickly.–Button controls. I love that they have button controls! You can easily customize them via the app. They’re also very responsive, but not super sensitive. I found the tap controls on other earbuds too sensitive, and would be activated if I even slightly brushed the earbud while adjusting them. You don’t have to worry about that!The Cons:–Volume. I found these earbuds to be quite low in volume compared to other Soundcore earbuds I have, which sucks.–Active Noise Cancellation. Not nearly as good as the Liberty Air 2 Pros, or Apple AirPods Pro, however, they’re also not as expensive.–Call quality. I’m not sure about what I sound like on the other end, however, I found that, at times, the caller on the other end sounds a bit tinny or off. It only happened twice, so I’m not sure if it was the caller’s phone, or the earbuds themselves.–Comfort. Although these earbuds did fit well in my ears, I found that after awhile, my right ear would hurt a little (just a dull ache), and my ears felt “full”. Again, my ears are quite small, so it might just be a me thing.–No ear detection. This is disappointing, as I really like this feature, for when I take out one earbud to talk to my partner, so now I have to remember to actually push a button to pause. But again, they aren’t as expensive as other earbuds.–The case. Although the case is small, I found that it seems cheaply made, and the cover wiggles a bit, which concerns me. It does have that satisfying “snap” sound when it closes, though.Overall, I do recommend these earbuds, however, be aware of possible call quality issues, and the lower volume on them.

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