Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine, Ispirazione Variety Pack, Medium & Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 10 Count (Pack of 5) Espresso Coffee Pods, Brews 1.35 Ounce (ORIGINALLINE ONLY)

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  • NEW LOOK, NEW NAME, SAME GREAT TASTE: This Nespresso OriginalLine espresso coffee pod pack contains best-selling Nespresso capsules (10 each) Capriccio, Ispirazione Roma, Ispirazione Genova Livanto, Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio, Ispirazione Ristretto
  • INTENSITY: Explore the rich tastes of the following Nespresso Capsules Capriccio (Intensity 5), Ispirazione Roma (Intensity 8), Ispirazione Genova Livanto (Intensity 6), Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio (Intensity 9), Ispirazione Ristretto (Intensity 10)
  • ESPRESSO BREWS 1.35 OZ: These Nespresso Original Line pods are part of the flavored range that will provide you with a 1.35 oz serving of a delicious coffee beverage
  • WE RECYCLE: Nespresso aluminum capsules ensure 100% recyclability and guarantee coffee freshness – we provide different options for recycling your used aluminum coffee pods to fulfill our collective commitment to protecting the environment
  • ORIGINALLINE ONLY: Nespresso OriginalLine offer a range of coffee in a cup, from a milder fruity espresso to the Neapolitan style short Ristretto, with or without milk. Nespresso OriginalLine capsules are not compatible with VertuoLine machines
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CONTENTS: ISPIRAZIONE ROMA: A full and balanced coffee blend. Intensity 8. A fusion of Arabica Beans from South and Central America combined with Robusta CAPRICCIO: A rich and distinctive coffee blend. Intensity 5. A fusion of Arabica Beans from South America combined with Robusta ISPIRAZIONE GENOVA LIVANTO: A round and balanced coffee blend. Intensity 6. 100% Arabica- South and Central America Beans ISPIRAZIONE FIRENZE ARPEGGIO: A intense and creamy coffee blend. Intensity 9. 100% Arabica- South and Central America Beans ISPIRAZIONE RISTRETTO ITALIANO: A powerful and contrasting coffee blend. Intensity 10. A fusion of Arabica Beans from South America combined with Robusta.

From the manufacturer

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How do I know which capsule fits my machine?

Our Vertuo machines have one button to brew all cup sizes and use dome-shaped capsules, while our Original machines have 2+ buttons or a screen display to select your cup size and use bell-shaped capsules.

What are the cup sizes that Original Line offers?

We offer ristretto (0.84 oz), espresso (1.35 oz), and lungo (3.7 oz).

How many capsules of coffee should I expect to receive if I order one pack on Amazon?

Each sleeve contains 10 capsules, with the exception of pour-over style, which are packaged in sleeves of 7 capsules. Please refer to the description of the assortment you are ordering to determine how many sleeves are included.

How do I recycle my capsules?

Nespresso recycling bags are not currently available through Amazon. Recycling bags can be redeemed with orders placed via the Nespresso website or Nespresso Boutique. You may also bring used capsules to a Boutique for recycling.

Focus on sustainability

Nespresso Coffee Pods Coffee Capsules Sustainability Vertuo Original Nespresso Machines Espresso

Nespresso Coffee Pods Coffee Capsules Sustainability Vertuo Original Nespresso Machines Espresso

Nespresso Coffee Pods Coffee Capsules Sustainability Vertuo Original Nespresso Machines Espresso

Nespresso Coffee Pods Coffee Capsules Sustainability Vertuo Original Nespresso Machines Espresso

Nespresso Coffee Pods Coffee Capsules Sustainability Vertuo Original Nespresso Machines Espresso

Our collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance

Developed with the Rainforest Alliance and launched in 2003, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program is a unique coffee sourcing program. This tailor-made program is our commitment to offering you high quality coffee that supports sustainable livelihoods for farmers while helping to preserve the environment.

Sustainable quality

Year after year, we source coffee from the same farmers in the AAA Program to promise the quality and aromatic profile of our coffees. Today, 93% of our coffee comes from farms participating in the program.

Supporting people behind our coffee

As part of our program, we pay AAA farmers above market prices for the high-quality coffee they sell to us and improve their income as productivity increases year-on-year. In addition, farmers who get the Rainforest Alliance Certification earn an extra premium. Today, we work directly with over 120,000 AAA farmers in 15 countries.

Building climate resilience for the future

To help reduce the environmental impact of coffee farming, we provide farmers with training and support to help them grow coffee

sustainably. By joining the AAA program, farmers have the opportunity to get the Rainforest Alliance Certification awarded for the practices in protecting their landscapes.

Nespresso Coffee Pods Coffee Capsules Sustainability Vertuo Original Nespresso Machines Espresso

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Safety Information

This product is labelled to United States standards and may differ from similar products sold elsewhere in its ingredients, labeling and allergen warnings



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Returned my nespresso machine and selling these pods!

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Weight 9.17 lbs
Dimensions 10.98 × 7.68 × 1.54 in
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 10.98 x 7.68 x 1.54 inches; 9.17 Ounces

Item model number ‏

‎ 3610-DI/2


‎ B0099HD3YA

Country of origin ‏

‎ Switzerland

Manufacturer ‏

‎ CAJ International, Nespresso

10 reviews for Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine, Ispirazione Variety Pack, Medium & Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, 10 Count (Pack of 5) Espresso Coffee Pods, Brews 1.35 Ounce (ORIGINALLINE ONLY)

  1. KB

    I bought a Nespresso Citiz after a visit to family members in Switzerland. There everyone seems to have a Nespresso machine. When I came back, I tried half a dozen different kinds of coffee pod ,and I also tried most of the varieties Nespresso sells, but this is by far my favorite. It is intense, dark, chocolatey and smokey, but not bitter. I drink the regular Arpeggio every morning and the decaffeinated one every afternoon and evening. Amazingly, the decaf tastes just as good as the original. I drink this coffee with a short shot (ristretto) and 65 grams of hot milk, so I don’t know how it tastes as an espresso, but as cappuccino, it’s delicious! This coffee is expensive for a retired person like me, but some things are just worth the money! Nothing else I’ve tried comes close.

  2. Josh F

    I just bought my Nespresso Inissia online, and I wanted to make sure I had some capsules ready for when my Inissia arrived. This review is intended for new owners that are looking for a variety of Nespresso capsules. At the time of this posting, I’ve had my Inissia for 36 hours.I went with five stars to offset a lot of the older posts that attack the other listings based on value. Yes, you can most likely getmore bang from your buck if you make a large purchase from the Nespresso site, but sometimes that’s not the best choice for the individual. I want this review to give you a breakdown of the flavors you get, and let you judge if it is the right purchase for you.First off, I wanted to point out that the Inissia comes bundled with a variety pack of 14 capsules. It’s a pretty good variety from their various offerings. There is one vanilla, one decaf, and the other 12 cover a range of their Grand Cru capsules. Intenso, Espresso, Pure Origin, Lungo, Decaffeinato, and Variations (flavored) are all represented. Honestly, if I had to do it over again, I would have sampled the various offerings, and then made a large purchase directly from Nespresso. However, I know that may not be the right option for everyone, so read on if you want a breakdown of the five flavors representedThe five capsules offered in this five pack are listed below. Descriptions are taken from the Nespresso site:CAPRICCIO (from the Espresso line)Intensity: 5RICH AND DISTINCTIVE:Blending South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta, Capriccio is an espresso with a rich aroma and a strong typical cereal note.OriginThe presence of South American Arabicas grown at high altitude gives this blend a light acidity, which is balanced with the perfect amount of Brazilian Arabica and a touch of Robusta.RoastingThe light roasting of this blend creates a rich character and preserves a light acidity.Aromatic ProfileA typical cereal note balanced with a light acidity.ARPEGGIO (from the Intenso line)Intensity: 9INTENSE AND CREAMY:A dark roast of pure South and Central American Arabicas,Arpeggio has a strong character and intense body, enhanced by cocoa notes.OriginA selection of the best South and Central American Arabicas, with fruity or malted profiles, characteristic of Costa Rican coffees.RoastingArpeggio is roasted intensely to bring out the characteristics of each origin. Its full body develops from the fine grinding of the beans.Aromatic ProfileIntense, grilled notes alongside subtle cocoa notes and woody hints.LIVANTO (from the Espresso line)Intensity: 6ROUND AND BALANCED:A blend of pure Arabica from South and Central America,Livanto is a well-balanced espresso characterized by a roasted caramelized note.OriginThis blend is composed of the most prestigious Central and South American Arabicas, found in Costa Rica and Colombia and is cultivated according to traditional methods to preserve their malted and fruity profiles.RoastingA medium roasting, accentuates malted notes, whilst fruity notes evolve to create a complex and delicate caramelized bouquet.Aromatic ProfileA round and balanced profile, typical of freshly roasted coffee results in a combination of cereal, malted and caramelized notes as well as fine fruity notes.ROMA (from the Intenso line)Intensity: 8FULL AND BALANCED:The balance of lightly roasted South and Central American Arabicas with Robusta, gives Roma sweet and woody notes and a full, lasting taste on the palate.OriginCultivated at high altitude, the Central American Arabicas bring finesse, whilst the Brazilian Arabicas and Robustas provide body and a lingering taste on the palate.RoastingLight roasting and fine grinding bring finesse to the blend and create a short espresso, which is not too strong.Aromatic ProfileRoasted and woody notes are revealed through the light roasting of intensely flavoured beans from different origins.RISTRETTO (from the Intenso line)Intensity: 10POWERFUL AND CONTRASTING:A blend of South American and East African Arabicas, with a touch of Robusta, roasted separately to create the subtle fruity note of this full-bodied, intense espresso.OriginComposed of some of the best South American Arabicas from sources such as Colombia and Brazil, Ristretto also contains the great, lightly acidic East African Arabicas and a touch of Robusta for added zing.RoastingThe beans are roasted slowly and separately to obtain an original bouquet bringing together acidic, fruity, and roasted notes. Its finely ground texture creates an Italian-style coffee: intense, with a rich flavour and full body.Aromatic ProfileStrong roasted notes softened by notes of chocolate. A subtle contrast between strength and bitterness, acidic and fruity notes.ConclusionThis is a pretty good variety pack if you want a fairly standard selection. You’re not going to get outliers like Lungo, Decaffeinato, Variations, or the Pure Origin series. If you want to buy in bulk, then buying here may not be the most cost effective option. However, if you want to try five different Espressos that are all good and fairly standard, this is a pretty good representation if the math works out. By all means, shop around and find the best bargain, but this is a good representation.

  3. Ryan S

    I really enjoy this combination of Nespresso pods – the Stormio and Odacio are your average nespresso flavor, while the Melazio has a bit of a lighter, creamier taste. I think the best part of this combination is the caffeine levels are all similar. All are very smooth.

  4. monica

    Intenso is my favorite Nespresso coffee, it is bold, strong, and tasty. If you need a quick pick me up in the morning I recommend getting this coffee. It will start your day off right! Enjoy 🙂

  5. Amazon Customer

    You get approx 7oz of liquid, not bitter, no aftertaste, and the coffee easily pairs with flavored and non-flavored creamers. The price is comparable to that on the Nespresso website.

  6. Kerim Efe Ozcanli

    I recently indulged in Nespresso’s Ispirazione Variety Pack, and I must say it’s an absolute treat for any coffee lover. This assortment of medium and dark roast espresso capsules offers a flavorful and rich experience that satisfies the palate, but it’s important to note that the convenience comes with a price.First and foremost, the variety pack provides an array of distinctive coffee profiles, each with its own unique character. The medium and dark roast options cater to different taste preferences, allowing you to explore a wide range of flavors. It’s like embarking on a coffee journey without leaving your home.The quality of these Nespresso capsules is exceptional. The coffee is consistently fresh and aromatic, and the capsules are designed to preserve the flavors and aromas until the moment you brew your espresso. The convenience of having these capsules on hand means you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at any time.However, it’s important to acknowledge that the convenience and quality of Nespresso come at a premium price. The capsules can be relatively expensive compared to other coffee options. While the quality and convenience are evident, it’s a consideration for those who are budget-conscious.The Ispirazione variety pack is perfect for those who appreciate both classic and bold flavors. It strikes a wonderful balance between medium roast options, which are smooth and well-rounded, and dark roast choices, which deliver a rich and intense coffee experience. Whether you’re starting your day with a morning pick-me-up or savoring a cup after dinner, there’s a capsule to suit every occasion.In conclusion, Nespresso’s Ispirazione Variety Pack is a coffee lover’s dream come true, offering a diverse and satisfying coffee experience. The quality, convenience, and versatility of these espresso capsules are undeniably impressive. However, it’s essential to be aware of the price tag that accompanies this premium coffee experience. If you’re willing to invest in your coffee indulgence, this variety pack is a flavorful journey that’s sure to delight your taste buds.

  7. Bookworm70

    I love this coffee. It’s smooth and perfect with Da Vinci, Torani, or Monin flavored syrups. It lets the syrup flavors stand out for great flavor. I use it to make hot coffee and lattes.

  8. Nick

    Works great with our machine. Flavors are good. We’ve bought these over and over and will continue to do so.

  9. ミヨちゃん


  10. Ze.J

    A déguster
    Agréable diversité de café dans ce Pack.

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