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Mouse Trap Mice Trap That Work Human Power Mouse Killer Mouse Catcher Quick Effective Sanitary 6Packs

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  • Powerful & High Sensitive: The mouse catcher is made of powerful stainless steel spring which enhance the sensitivity and efficiency, to faster and more effectively kills the mice than the wood traps. It only needs 0.03 pounds to trigger the traps.
  • Easy To Use & Set: Just put a bait in the cup and press the spring of the trapper to finish setup, then place the mouse traps in the area where rats. And don’t touch the traps after setup, and keep it far away from child and pets.
  • Reusable & Easy To Clean: This trap is made of durable high-quality polystyrene which is reusable and easy to clean. It would not absorb any smells or stains unlike the the wood mouse traps.
  • Safe To Use: You don’t need poison, glue, and no more worrying about snapping fingers like in traditional methods.
  • Quick Kill & No Touch: These are quick response traps to kill the mice. Place the traps anywhere you have problems, they will do their job and you have no need to touch them when you remove it.
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Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 7.64 × 4.13 × 2.13 in
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7.64 x 4.13 x 2.13 inches

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7 reviews for Mouse Trap Mice Trap That Work Human Power Mouse Killer Mouse Catcher Quick Effective Sanitary 6Packs

  1. Amazon Customer

    First off, let me start by saying it takes A LOT for me to write a review! I will rate products from time to time, but I have to feel really passionate about something to take the time out of my day and submit a written review. Now, let’s talk about the traps themselves…- Super clean and cruel-free kill! I’m beyond thrilled that I could rid our house of these pests without having to make them suffer. I splurged on an electric trap but never caught any in it… I contemplated live catch and release, but it’s just not realistic in our household… glue traps were never a thought because those are so beyond cruel, it’s disgusting that people actually use them for getting rid of mice. They are still beings and deserve not to suffer. Oftentimes, Ive found with using the wooden traps, a limb would get stuck and they would end up suffering until they died… This brand/model has not disappointed yet & we already caught 7 in the first two days we’ve set them out!!! The only mess made was in the picture of the one on top of a piece of paper and that was whatever released from its bowels when it died. (Also recommend putting something under traps if it’s on carpeted floor) Another scenario occurred where the mouse looked like it’s tail got caught in the trap when it went off, but my sister heard it go off and when she saw only it’s tail by the trap, she assumed it was going to start moving because it only got its tail caught… however, she moved aside the garbage and it didn’t move. Then, when I was getting ready to put it in a bag to throw away, I went to pick the trap up assuming I would be picking the mouse up by it’s tail, however, the mouse was not attached at all… I had to pick it up with a paper towel because it was dead on the floor. The only thing I could think that happened was that it was attempting to get to the dogs food and fell behind the bin onto the trap and scared itself to death?? I honestly don’t even know how that one ended up dying, but it definitely was not attached to the trap. Other than that, the others were caught right on their heads making a quick/easy death.- The traps are BEYOND easy to operate! I remember using wooden ones awhile back and becoming so frustrated every time it went off in my hand or while setting it down.. not with these ones! You literally flip back the metal sticking up and when you pull it back, it slips under the latch & there’s like ZERO struggle while setting it. I have a little PTSD when it comes to setting traps because of my past experiences with wooden traps, but this particular brand/model has restored my confidence in setting traps lol. I could seriously swing it around and it doesn’t snap. Even while you set it on the ground, it is only sensitive to the area directly where the mouse steps onto- it pushes down causing the latch to lift and bar to snap.- The bar you pull back doesn’t touch the mouse, even when you open it to release the mouse, you’re not putting your hand near the bar that snaps onto the mouse. At first, I wasn’t planning on reusing them because I remember the wooden traps you would have to lift the bar that legit snapped on them to release it… after catching the first mouse, I saw how easy it was to release the mouse because it’s obvious you have to pull back the same bar you used to latch the trap into place. The mouse came right out into the garbage bag & I used the same one-hand to reset it under the latch again. Legit one-handed the entire operation of these traps. (On a side note, I personally prefer to use disposable gloves when handling the traps & dead mice; much more sanitary)- the little bait bowl area is the perfect size! It’s perfectly located in a position where the mice don’t have a choice but to step onto the plate that sets the trap off. (I recommend using peanut butter to place inside… I used a Q-tip to fill it)I honestly was planning on just disposing them when they caught a mouse, but after seeing how effective they were and how easy/clean it was to remove them from the trap and reset, I decided I would continue to use them until they show signs of wear-and-tear. Overall, they end up costing more than the wooden ones at approximately $2 a trap, but it is so worth every penny and they will get (and already have gotten) multiple catches in one. It breaks my heart to look at their cute little faces but they’re pests and they gotta go! Hands-down, these are the easiest, cleanest, most effective, and overall, best traps I’ve had experience using! Highly recommend!

  2. Kindle Customer

    We never had an issue. Until now. I thought I was seeing things. And brushed it off until the next morning my son is screaming and jumped in the shower! I was searching for anything to get rid of it quickly. I looked at recommendations, the what to and what not to do. And finally came to this product. Double checked reviews for pros and cons as for anything I order offline. Looked at the comments on how others caught them. And found out PEANUT BUTTER IS THE TOP CHOICE. So I used almond butter and blocked the sides. And let’s just say..within a few hours. We woke up to this!!! No mess, easy disposal. Us:1 Mice: 0. Good luck hope this helps someone.

  3. Ruben Miranda

    I received these traps on 12/20. It’s 12/25 and I caught my second mouse at 5am today. Merry Christmas!There are more than that, not yet caught.On 12/20 I initially baited with a peanut in each of the 6 traps. The following morning 5 of the peanuts were removed and no mice killed.Mice 1 / Trap 0Next day 12/21 I baited with Peanut butter so they’d have to stand on the pressure plate and work for their meal.The following morning I saw 3 of the bait receptacles almost entirely clean of all peanut butter but no mice were caught, and I had pushed the peanut butter to the bottom. So, the pressure plate is not as sensitive as it needs to be and there is no way to adjust it, but I came up with a hack later.Mice 2 / Trap 012/22I re-baited all empty traps with peanut butter and set the jaws of death spring clamp. This time I took a pen and lightly tapped the pressure plate a few times to see haw far I could go before it triggered. Usually on the 4th tap (and this will vary depending on climate/altitude I suppose) the trap engaged and snapped on the pen. So, 3 taps did for me, each one moving the mechanism closer to a position where it would clamp down on the pressure plate. The following morning I caught 1 mouse.Mice 2 / Trap 112/24 I did not catch anything for a few days, I tapped each plate with a pen again, trying to fine tune the sensitivity again and set them back down where I know the mice like to run and eat. The following morning, the day I am posting this 12/25 at 5:15am I heard a snap and I knew I had my second mouse. It’s a little creepy because they look very alive, eyes open just sort of staring, but rest assured that clamp is powerful and kills instantly. Merry Christmas mousey.Mice 2 / Trap 2 (2 dead mice but more still running around having free meals)ProsPowerful snap to kill mice instantlyEasy to setupConsToo many mice are able to walk up to the trap and eat without triggering it.I hade to manually play with the trap too many times to catch anything.I initially tried to glue a few coins on the underside of the pressure plate to make it more sensitive.The efficiency of the device makes it hard to fit anything there and I eventually glued three of my fingers to my chin with superglue and had to call my wife to rescue me.Tapping lightly a few times on the pressure plate moved the trigger slightly to the point where the slightest pressure would trigger it. This was time consuming and no fun for me but it seemed to help.I wish the manufacturers could add a way to either pop a few quarters under the pressure plate (but yuck…mouse guts on my money) or to have a dial or some other mechanism to make the pressure plate as sensitive as possible. I am sure altitude, climate, etc all play a role in how sensitive the plate will be and it will never truly be a one size fits all, but this can be solved with some changes to the trap to let the buyer make adjustments as needed.

  4. H. Scott Sleighter

    This IS a better mouse trap! Sets really easy, releases mouse without touching anything, and has a little food cup which is better than the old style that you scapped food onto. I use pnut butter and the 1st night I caught 2 mice in my garage. another the next day. Highly recommend these!

  5. Rich

    These have the extra “hammer” so you never have to touch the part that killed the mouse. And this makes it incredibly easy to dispose of the mouse.I used some of the Tomcat Press ‘N Set traps but they didn’t seem to be doing any good. I bought these and within 2 days the mouse was history. The Tomcat ones were still set but the mouse just ignored them.The Tomcat’s were $1.92 each ($3.84 for 2) and these were $1.33 each ($7.99 for 6). I actually thought these were too cheap to work, but thought they were worth giving a try. I’m glad I did.

  6. William C. Tucker

    Great product, works as advertised with VERY simple set-up. Traps were delivered yesterday, so I set up two of them with swiss cheese and placed them in my garage.As of this morning, my Stuart Little, may he RIP, has left the building.

  7. Mark Rundle

    Don’t have to worry about getting it snapping on your fingers

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