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MEIRUBY USB/ Arc Lighter for Candle Camping BBQ Sports Fan Toolst, Electric, Rechargeable (Blue)

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  • Upgrade Electric Lighter: The Windproof and Splashproof Design of the electric arc lighter ensures that you can easily use it under any weather conditions.
  • Not only Candle Lighter: The flexible and 360°Rotatable neck of the lighter can meet the needs of your in different occasions
  • Rechargeable USB Lighter: The Lighters can be used 600 times on a single charge which display real time battery volume.
  • Portable Lighter: The size of the lighter is very small and slim. It is suitable for daily use.
  • What you get: A Electric Lighter ,a USB charging Cable and a Manual.

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Weight 2.89 lbs
Dimensions 7.48 × 0.79 × 0.79 in
Product Dimensions ‏

7.48 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches

Item Weight

2.89 ounces



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Date First Available ‏

January 8, 2021

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10 reviews for MEIRUBY USB/ Arc Lighter for Candle Camping BBQ Sports Fan Toolst, Electric, Rechargeable (Blue)

  1. momo

    I recently purchased the MEIRUBY Lighter, and I have found it to be a handy and reliable tool for various purposes. This electric candle lighter has made lighting candles, camping stoves, and even BBQ grills a breeze.The rechargeable USB feature is fantastic – it saves me the hassle of constantly buying disposable lighters or refilling traditional ones. The battery life is impressive, and a single charge lasts for a good number of uses. The indicator light lets me know when it’s time to recharge, which is quite convenient.The design is sleek and ergonomic, making it comfortable to hold and use. The arc lighter mechanism works well, producing a consistent and windproof flame that lights up things quickly and effectively. I appreciate that it’s safe to use even in windy conditions.The versatility of this lighter is a plus. I’ve taken it on camping trips and used it for lighting campfires and stoves without any issues. It’s also great for lighting BBQ grills without worrying about the flame going out due to gusts of wind.However, I deducted one star because the length of the neck is a bit shorter than I expected. While it’s perfectly fine for most situations, I did find it a bit challenging to light candles that were set deep within a holder. A slightly longer neck could make it even more versatile.Overall, the MEIRUBY Lighter has proven to be a reliable and convenient lighting solution for various outdoor activities and indoor uses. Its rechargeable feature, efficient arc mechanism, and portability make it a great addition to any toolbox or camping gear.Pros: Rechargeable USB feature saves money and hassle Impressive battery life and convenient indicator light Sleek and ergonomic design Windproof flame is effective in various conditions Versatile for lighting candles, campfires, stoves, and grillsCons: Neck length could be slightly longer for hard-to-reach areasIn conclusion, I’m quite satisfied with the MEIRUBY Lighter’s performance and functionality. It’s a reliable tool that offers convenience and efficiency for a variety of lighting needs.

  2. Andrea Williams

    I was so excited about this because it works so well and there’s no flame so you can use it at weird angles for candles then just recharge it.But whatever sound it makes makes my dogs act like it’s the most devastating and painful sound in the world. Even if I use it for a split second. They start whimpering and running around with their tails tucked. I have 3 dogs – 2 of them are miserable with it. I don’t get it but sadly have to return it for that reason.

  3. D. Perkins

    This lighter is easy to use. No click, click, clicking like when you use butane lighters, so easier on arthritic joints. Just flip the switch and touch the lighter to the wick for a few seconds and voila it is lit! Lights on the handle let you know when the battery is running low and it is easy to recharge. I purchased the silver one. It looks very nice to leave out on the powder room sink.

  4. Julie

    These are the best! It’s slightly smaller than a full size lighter (idk, the kind I use to start the grill), the charge lasts a long time. The adjustable neck makes it easy to light more used candles. And it looks like an old science experiment with the blue stream of electricity so that’s fun.

  5. Calista Wynn

    Functionality: This lighter is a versatile tool that works well for lighting candles, especially those with hard-to-reach wicks. It’s also useful for lighting gas stoves and other outdoor equipment. The arc lighter technology is efficient and reliable.Design: The lighter features a long, flexible neck that rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to reach any angle. The slim design is aesthetically pleasing and fits comfortably in the hand.Ease of Use: The lighter is straightforward to use, with a simple on/off switch and an easy-to-read battery life display. The electrodes do require regular cleaning to maintain optimal performance.Rechargeable: One of the standout features of this lighter is its rechargeability. It comes with a charging cable and can be plugged into any USB port, eliminating the need for lighter fluid refills.Safety: The lighter is safe to use, with a protective cap for the electrodes. However, users should allow the lighter to cool down after use before replacing the cap.In conclusion, the MEIRUBY Electric Lighter is a handy tool that offers a modern, rechargeable solution to traditional lighters. It’s perfect for anyone who regularly lights candles or needs a reliable lighter for outdoor activities.

  6. Anonymous

    I love it cuz it makes me feel fancy lol I be using it when I have a guests but eeehhh battery doesn’t last long

  7. Denise Fernández

    No more finger burning from trying to lit my 3 wick candles! And plus, it’s so pretty and aesthetic! Just love love love

  8. Kamilah A. M

    I’m so in love with this product. Makes it easier to light my candles and it has a good reach. Impressive technology too. Would recommend and good value for money.

  9. Dilan Tharaka

    Replacement for the traditional lighter
    We bought this to avoid buying a new gas lighter every time it runs out of gas. Since this is rechargeable we didn’t want to buy any other lighter after this. Battery doesn’t last very long but it’s acceptable given the size of the device and it doesn’t take long to recharge. The safety lock is also a valuable features.

  10. Rexz

    Possible one off fault.
    Worked well while charged, but it had a fault (which could just have been on this item) it would not recharge.

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