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MARBERO 200W Portable Power Station 148Wh Camping Solar Generator Laptop Power Bank with AC Outlet 110V, DC, USB QC3.0, LED

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  • 🆙UPGRADED PORTABLE POWER: As from the last upgrading, this portable power station of MARBERO is called M822 which is another same outfit design as the MARBERO M82. This brand new battery generator has an even more powerful capacity of 146Wh(equiv. 40,000mAh/3.7V) and much more power output of 200W, which can support more usage situations and more appliances with a convenient small size(7.5*5.3*3.6 in, 3.3 lbs) but a more powerful inside.
  • 🔋MORE CAPACITY MORE POWER: This power supply is built-in a 110V AC inverter of 200W, 270W MAX, for a wider using purpose, which can support most of the AC needed appliances in your home, instead of the heating machines which are more than 270W power consumption. PASSING-THROUGH-CHARGING IS AVAILABLE.
  • 🔌MULTI-OUTPUTS: This portable power bank is equipped with 2*USB A QC3.0 ports(5V2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W), 2* USB A ports(5V/2.1A, 15W Max), 1*PD USB Type C port(5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W PD), 1*DC 5.5mm port and 2*AC wall socket(200W with 270W peak, including 2 prong and 3 prong outlets) which can charge your smart phone, iPad, tablets, camera, CPAP, switch, steam deck, XBox, radio, USB-powered night light, fan, TV and camping devices under 200W and many other devices and appliances.
  • 💡LED CAMPING LANTERN: There are 2 LED flashlights as camping lantern, first one is on top of the device and the other one is on the side. The first one is built-in with 2 brightness levels, while the other one has 3 brightness levels and 3 lighting modes(steady, twinkling and SOS). Press the LED flashlight button to switch the brightness and SOS modes. When you go out camping or experience power outages, this function may help you out perfectly.
  • ⚡3 RECHAGRGING WAYS: There are three methods to recharge this power station. You can charge it by wall outlet, fully recharged in 7hrs, or by car adapter(12V), fully recharged in 9hrs. Or it can be recharged under sun power as a solar generator with a solar panel(16.4V-24V/1.5A Max)(not included, could be purchased in our store).
  • 🛡️SECURED & ASSURED: With the technology of Battery Management System (BMS), it enables the voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety controls. Designed with the cooling vents on its back to help this portable power supply stay in a constant temperature range by avoiding internal electrical elements to be damaged. When it comes to short circuit or overpowered, it will automatically and immediately shut off the power to protect itself and the powered devices.

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Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.3 × 3.6 in



148 Watt-hours

Fuel Type


Power Source



110 Volts (AC)

Output Wattage

200 Watts

Special Feature


Included Components

User Manual, MARBERO Portable Power Station M822, Adapter, Cigarette Lighter


M822 148WH 200W

Product Dimensions ‏

7.5"L x 5.3"W x 3.6"H

Model Name


Engine Type

4 Stroke


60 Hz

Item Weight

3.3 Pounds



Item model number ‏



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer ‏


10 reviews for MARBERO 200W Portable Power Station 148Wh Camping Solar Generator Laptop Power Bank with AC Outlet 110V, DC, USB QC3.0, LED

  1. Lisa C.

    Bought this for camping to use a cpap machine. It is lightweight, quiet and works well.It does seem inconsistent tho with how long a charge lasts.There has been times where it lasts for just cpap machine 6-7 hours then it is dead. There have been other times there are 2 battery lights left and not completely drained in same time frame.Both showed full charge at beginning.Other than that it suits its purpose and gets the job done for the price.

  2. Anna

    I bought this because I sell at swap meets and sometimes people want to see plug in items work. I have it for emergencies too. Recently I went traveling and a recommended item on a travel blog for my destination was this item. Well, I was traveling to Maui! We got caught in West Maui where all power went down and all we had was this for 3 days. It saved us. I couldn’t believe I needed it for a genuine emergency situation. We were trapped by the fire and able to eventually charge many items. We even charged my switch on it to have some kind of entertainment at night. It was SO dark there because the entire island side we were on had no lights. The light on this is very bright. Unfortunately the plan of the fire was to come was to run to the ocean. This light is so bright I was actually confident we would be able to signal and it blinks. When we evacuated to the airport everyone was using charging and during the lines and TSA we were able to plug into it. In the airplane it also charged up way faster than airplane charge. Seriously it even saved me then. I had my Nintendo plugged into the airplane and I couldn’t even get to 4% after 10 m. I got frustrated and pulled this out and had it up to 10-15%. This lasted us a four day outage and I won’t travel anywhere without it. I’m getting another for my car to just have. It’s something that when you need it, you NEED it.

  3. June Malietufa

    Good for short time use. Didn’t last long once you use it. Only used it for my laptop.

  4. kota

    I had an amazon credit to use and needed a new battery pack for my festivals coming up. I got this and used it for bonnaroo last weekend. It was definitely less than I expected for the price but it had no issues charging multiple of my small devices but had to recharge twice over 5 days. I did try using a box fan on the lowest setting but it drained pretty quickly. But for smaller items and my camp lights this was great.

  5. kylie

    This was great to use while camping! It charged my phone, Apple Watch and my portable charger. My friend tried to use it to blow dry her hair but it didn’t work. Likely because the hair dryer requires too much voltage. But it helped with all of our small needs. It also has the capability to be connected to a solar charger. It has the port but you’d need to buy the solar charging unit. I thought that was cool.

  6. Amzn shopper

    I purchased this for emergency purposes, because my power went out during a storm and I didn’t have power for a couple of days. It was hectic! I’ve read the reviews and decided to give this a try. I am extremely happy with this purchase and will most likely buy more for other rooms.

  7. Cosmic

    Well hopefully if you use it, you can withstand the recharging time. Takes awhile to recharge. I thought it might have lasted longer fully charged than it does, but I’m thinking under the circumstances, if you needed a temporary power source or charging mechanism it would do the job but maybe consider the larger unit possibly. I’m still half and half about it, if that helps.

  8. Gunny

    I’ve had this portable power station for a few years now and I love it. Around a year and a half ago I lost the charger for it though and was unable to use it at all. On a whim the other day I messaged the company who makes it saying that I lost my charger and asked if they could send me one and that I would gladly pay for it. I promptly got an email saying they would send me one for free and asking for my address. Within several days I had a new charging cable and could use my device again. Great company that makes great products and takes care of customers! I mainly use this for when I’m on the couch and lazy and want to charge my iPad while I’m using it, but I have also plugged my electric guitar amp into it and played for hours without even one bar draining from the battery, so it would be perfect for musicians who want to play in parks or while out camping or anything like that. I’d say I can charge my iPad around 4 times off this thing on a single charge. It’s quite impressive for its size.

  9. Jacopo Gianfrate

    Può migliorare
    Premettendo che la qualità dei materiali è ottima e funziona tutto come dovrebbe, ho qualche dubbio invece sull’efficienza della stessa.Dopo parecchi utilizzi con solo la ricarica del mio telefono ho potuto fare 2 contiIl mio telefono è un Oneplus 8T con ricarica dash da 65w 10V e una batteria da 4500mhaSupponendo di utilizzare soltanto la USB C della batteria che emette 18w fino a 12V sono riuscito a caricare in totale 17500mah a fronte dei 24000Ora ok che 24Ah sono considerati a 3.7V e il telefono caricava a 4.3 ma con questi dati avrebbe dovuto emettere circa 20Ah non 17.Mentre la ricarica a 220 con il caricatore da 65w è stata perfetta una ricarica completa e circa il 60% quindi 7200mah (più di quanto riportato in quanto carica a 10V e non a 14.8V) in un totale di 50 minutiComunque matematica a parte il problema principale è l’indicatore led di ricarica, ho fatto 4 ricariche a 4 tacche (sempre pieno) e all’ultima ricarica la 5 si è scaricata completamente, quindi un po inaffidabile se esci di casa sapendo che è carica e ti ritrovi con un quinto di batteria che oltretutto una volta arrivata a 0 non funziona più nulla neanche il led (almeno quello è affidabile).La luce led la trovo abbastanza luminosa manca della funzione SOS come da descrizione, ci sono solo 3 intensità e intermittente.La porta USB C è stata fin dal primo giorno larga con un po’ di giocoLa temperatura è rimasta stabile anche a 220 con una temperatura d’ambiente di 35 C°Mancavano le 2 pellicole di protezione laterali come da descrizione quindi suppongo sia un prodotto usato.In conclusione PROPeso, dimensione, luce led, possibilità di utilizzare la 220 per un breve periodo, ricarica fino a 5 dispositivi contemporaneamente, buona gestione della temperatura anche con più dispositivi collegatiCONTROIndicatore di ricarica led inaffidabile (a mio parere molto importante)In generale è stato un ottimo acquisto

  10. Luca

    Com’è il detto? Funziona bene ma non si applica
    Com’è il detto? Funziona bene ma non si applica. Esatto funziona benissimo ma non si applica perché a mio avviso dovrebbe fare di più. Partiamo con il fatto che se qualcuno cerca una batteria del genere è perfetta perché è piccolo e leggero da trasportare per essere una batteria con questa capacità. Poi a mio avviso dovrebbero aggiornare, fare un restyling sia in termini di potenza che di design vero e proprio, basta anche mettere uno schermo led con la percentuale di batteria ????%. Per quanto riguarda la potenza mi aspettavo di meglio nel senso che anche se ci sono le avvertenze sulla scatola uno finché non prova cosa ne sa se lì sarà utile per quello che deve fare? Nel senso ho provato ad usare la batteria come alimentazione per una stufa elettrica e la ventola parte quindi a abbastanza energia ma se si prova a mettere su uno come riscaldamento la batteria si spegne perché rileva un carico eccessivo cioè non riesce a soddisfare la richiesta di energia. Per questo motivo a parer mio bisogna fare un restyling anche perché non ha nessuna ventola di raffreddamento, a solo una fessura d’aria economica. L’unica cosa positiva è che lo testato in ricarica e chi mette un 1/2 per completare la carica e normale. Invece se lo ricaricate con un pannello solare il mio è da 30w ci mette molto più tempo sia perché bisogna trovare il sole ovviamente, ma soprattutto bisogna trovare una posizione adatta per aiutare il pannello solare a immagazzinare energia. Insomma, per fare un riassunto se lo vorrete comprare per usarlo come un power bank da ricaricare il cellulare ok oppure anche un ventilatore ok. Invece se avete necessità di usarlo come batteria per collegare una stufa elettrica lasciate perdere, purtroppo dovrete spendere molto di più. Tutto sommato è un’ottimo prodotto, sono io che ho avuto troppe aspettative.

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