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LYSIAN Pink Color Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs Noise Reduction -38dB SNR Noise Cancelling Sleep Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring,

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Color Pink
Material Foam
Size 60 Count (Pack of 1)

  • ⭐ [SOFT & COMFORTABLE]: Made of Super Soft and Non-toxic Foam, comfy and skin-friendly. Slow rebounded in 45s-60s and low-pressure, which helps the earplug to be inserted into the ear for a better fit in the ear canal
  • ⭐ [NOISE REDUCTION–38dB SNR]: Tested by professional lab–Micheal & Associates, Inc. High noise reduction rating of 38dB SNR and 31dB NRR. Hearing protection ear plugs do not block out all sounds, you will still hear some sounds such as alarms and children crying
  • ⭐ [VERSATILE USE]: Ear plugs offer protection from loud noises and background noise in many situations. Great for sleeping, studying, working, reading, traveling, shooting or any loud events
  • ⭐ [LARGE CAPACITY–60 pairs]: One pack contains 60 pairs foam earplugs. Large capacity canned packaging, which can last for 3-6 moths of usage for your family
  • ⭐ [ADDITIONAL GIVEAWAYS]: One pair reusable silicone ear plugs with one carrying case for gift. It is convenient for you to carry ear plugs at anywhere
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‎ December 9, 2019


‎ B082J2SXCX

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9 reviews for LYSIAN Pink Color Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs Noise Reduction -38dB SNR Noise Cancelling Sleep Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring,

  1. Cali Guy

    Having used these foam ear plugs for several weeks now, I can confidently say they are a superior choice for anyone seeking noise reduction and comfort. They’ve proven to be an invaluable asset in my daily life, providing me with uninterrupted sleep and the ability to focus when needed.The first thing I noticed about these ear plugs was their exceptional comfort. Made of soft, hypoallergenic foam, they fit snugly into my ears without causing any discomfort or irritation, even when used for extended periods. They are lightweight and I often forget I’m wearing them – a testament to their design and material.The noise cancellation capability of these ear plugs is absolutely remarkable. Whether I’m trying to sleep in a noisy environment, concentrating on work in a bustling office, or just needing some quiet time, these ear plugs have consistently delivered. They effectively filter out unwanted noise, allowing for a serene and peaceful experience.Another feature I appreciate is their easy application. They are designed to be compressed and inserted into the ear canal, where they then expand to create a secure seal. I was initially concerned about the fit, but these ear plugs are truly one-size-fits-all. They have adapted perfectly to my ears and stay in place, providing effective noise reduction without any risk of them falling out.Durability is also a standout aspect of these ear plugs. They have maintained their shape and function despite frequent use, indicating that they are built to last. Moreover, they come in a handy, portable case that keeps them clean and safe when not in use. This thoughtful inclusion shows attention to detail from the manufacturer.All in all, these foam ear plugs have exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort, noise reduction, ease of use, and durability. They offer a peaceful and comfortable experience that I didn’t know was possible with such a simple product. For anyone in search of a quality product that effectively reduces noise and delivers comfort, I can’t recommend these foam ear plugs highly enough!

  2. Nick

    I do like the comfortable softness of Lysian earplugs. I wish their sound reduction was more effective. Comparison with a longer and denser yellow cylinder foam earplug is at play. I shortened and shaved off the yellow earplug into more of a cone to fit my ears and it works well for sound reduction, but is still a tad harsh on the ear. The Lysian plugs do not require re-sizing and are soft, but does not deaden noise as well as the yellow cylinder material. I will use both until a solid favorite emerges, perhaps with re-sculpturing. Also consider the need to wash the plugs with a soap which will not adversely affect them. I will report on my experiments in the future.

  3. Kayla

    I was hesitant to buy these since I previously used foam earplugs, but I could find those on amazon, so I opted for these. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried these out! I usually wear them when I sleep and my roommates have people over–can’t hear a single thing.

  4. caleb w

    I wear these every night, it can get noisy where I live so having these really helps me get some good rest. I use these also when vacuuming and they cancel the noise out really well. I would say these are inline with other earplugs with this rating that I have tried.

  5. Madame Mim

    Wonderful soft quality with slow, fine molded feel in the ear canal. Wish they made a smaller size for kids/petites.Also wish the peach color were a little more like a natural skin tone. The high saturation of these colors isn’t my thing. Black might be nice too.

  6. Elizabeth

    These are decent earplugs. Shipping was fast. Packaged so we can leave the container in the tractor to use when we need them. Very soft.

  7. Pilar M. Menchaca

    I used this when my bf has the tv on too loud & on road trips. Still trying to figure out the best way to put into ear. A little hard to get it, will continue to try it. Will eventually get it.

  8. Steve W.

    Only used once so far. These appear to be a good hearing protection and, when accompanied by the plastic jar, they can be taken easily in an equipment bag to an away from home site for work useful citizens.

  9. LG

    Really awful.
    I am trying to find a replacement as Amazon has removed MPOW ear plugs from the site, which is devastating. These are not great, they are difficult to insert and never go back to the original shape (ie. it has been 10 minutes and still waiting). They are absolutely not “noise cancelling” and I am positive that they are not 38db. Anyways, these are not worth your time and the crazy amount of effort it takes to get a refund.

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