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LULUCATCH Mouse & Insect Traps 12 Pack, Heavier Sticky Traps with Non-Toxic Glue for Small Mice & Insects. Sticky Mouse Traps

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Color Multi-color
Style Modern
Number of Pieces 12
Is Electric No
Target Species Cockroach, Mouse, Ant

  • 【Effective and Efficient Pest Control】 Our small mouse and insect glue traps are designed to capture and eliminate a wide range of pests, including mice, roaches, ants, and other small insects. They are highly effective in preventing infestations and keeping your home and environment free from unwanted pests.
  • 【Enhanced Attraction】 Our small mouse and insect glue traps are pre-baited with an irresistible peanut butter scent, making them even more effective in attracting pests. The delicious aroma of peanut butter is irresistible to many pests, increasing the chances of a successful capture. With our enhanced attraction feature, you can say goodbye to pests and hello to a pest-free environment.
  • 【Non-toxic Super Glue】Our mouse traps use super glue that can withstand the cold weather. Once the mouse or insect is stuck, it can no longer break free, and these glues are non-toxic, harmless to your children and pets. They are safe for use inside your house.
  • 【Where to Place】We suggest you position sticky traps along active rodent and insects runways, such as along walls, under large kitchen appliances, in cupboards, and other areas where rodents and insects travel. Be sure to fit the glue trap flush against a wall where they will run over and stick to it.
  • 【Reliable Customer Service】 LULUCATCH is committed to providing you and your family with simple and efficient glue traps for house indoor & outdoor. Customer satisfaction is the driving force of our efforts. If you have any problem when you are using our products, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 7.28 × 5.47 × 2.32 in
Package Dimensions ‏

7.28 x 5.47 x 2.32 inches

Item Weight

8.4 ounces



Manufacturer ‏

Kingmark Manufacturing Company

10 reviews for LULUCATCH Mouse & Insect Traps 12 Pack, Heavier Sticky Traps with Non-Toxic Glue for Small Mice & Insects. Sticky Mouse Traps

  1. Edwardo Garcia

    Traps multiple mice in same trap (5). Doesn’t do well in dusty environments. I placed 4 peanuts in the middle and started to catch mice immediately.

  2. JCub

    I had a mystery pest that was driving me crazy. Every day I found a lot of strange, gooey poop around my pool, and in the pool where it stained the bottom, and I just resurfaced it. So much poop!!! I never saw the culprit, but it seemed to happen all day long. I put 2 Blink cameras but still didn’t know what I was hunting. So I put these glue traps in each corner where I suspected entry under my fence. Immediately I caught a huge Amazon Racerunner!!! What!? They are super fast, 17mph to be exact, and they are not native and have lots of diseases like salmonella in their poop that was going into my pool. I put another trap and Immediately caught 2 more. I kept doing it until I caught 7 of them so far! I’m thankful for these traps. This has been the 1st week I’ve been able to walk barefoot around my pool without stepping in slimey dragon poop. To get rid of them, I put the trap in a zip lock and put in the freezer to wait for trash day. It seemed the most humane way.

  3. preeta basu

    Worked on both lizards and mice

  4. Micheal Griffin

    I bought these traps after thinking that I spotted a mouse running across my kitchen. We’ve never had mice problems before so I was thinking that I may have imagined it, but still wanted to take precautions. I put the traps out in areas that my dog couldn’t get to(closets/pantry). It said pet friendly, my my little dog is almost no bigger than a rat so I didn’t want to take any chances lol. They were very easy to assemble.After about a week in a half, there were no signs that any of the traps had been touched. I was starting to think maybe I did imagine the mouse, until one day I’m in the restroom and hear something crying. I go check the trap and there are not only one but TWO mice.This product does work well if you can get the positioning of your traps right by knowing what area the pest frequent and also of course with patience. My only complaint is that it was a little inhumane. The mice where crying in pain for a while. I didn’t have to guts to kill them myself so they just had to suffer which was disheartening. However the clean up was easier that some other traps I have seen. I’d definitely buy them again

  5. George

    Item dries out rapidly in extreme heat…

  6. ContraryMerry

    Three dead mice, three dead mice, see they can’t run, see they don’t run!They ate some bread and it was delish, then they ate up my sweet licorice, you better believe I was real pissed! Those darn mice!I bought some traps humane and nice, and now there’s three dead mice, three dead mice, see they can’t run, see they don’t run.The traps are sticky and hold them tight, they squeak and squeal while I sleep at night.I got up just now, and to my delight, I have three dead mice, hey, that’s real nice.I’m really impressed with these traps. I highly recommend them!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Put out 15 and only caught 2 mice

  8. Sean Trent

    I used the trap as is and didnt add any bait. I put 1 trap at each entrance of the dishwasher [2 in total] where I suspected the mouse was coming from. I called Orkin and they found where the mouse was coming from (hole from behind my oven). They trapped the fridge and oven and I trapped the dishwasher. After 10 days my trap aught the mouse.Worse part is that is had to suffer until I got home which I humanely killed it.

  9. Blanca Silva

    Works !
    These traps have been working well. Just a suggestion when opening and setting the traps use gloves so that your scent is not left on the traps. If you use your bare hands it could leave your scent causing the critters to avoid the traps.

  10. Ray

    Trapper works well, BUT…
    Holds animal real well, including 2′ snakes. Unfortunately, you have to kill it.

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