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Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition On-Ear Headphones, in-Line Microphone, Volume Control and Touch Remote Control, Retro Style, Includes Hard Carry Case, Wired with 3.5mm Plug, Rhythm Beige

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Brand Koss
Model Name Porta Pro
Color Beige
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • The Sound of Koss – New Colorway, same classic Porta Pro sound, Great Retro Look
  • Stay Connected – Take calls and control your music with the in-line microphone, remote & attenuating volume control
  • Perfect Portability – Porta Pro Limited Edition includes a branded hard-shell case for easy transport
  • Collapsible Design – The ultimate portable headphones with a collapsible headband design for protective storage
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

From the brand

Product Description

Porta Pro LE

Perfectly Portable

Porta Pro Limited Edition features a unique collapsible design for easy storage and ultimate portability.

Porta Pro LE

The Sound of Koss

Koss engineered 60 Ohm drivers deliver remarkable high-fidelity audio at 15-25,000Hz producing deep bass, crisp highs and superior midrange.

Porta Pro LE

In-Line Controls

Pause/Play/Skip tracks as well as Answer/End calls with intuitive in-line controls and microphone.

Hardshell Case

Hard Shell Case

Protect your investment with the included Porta Pro Limited Edition hardshell case for easy storage and portability.

Two Colors. One Remarkable Listening Experience.

Porta Pro LE RB

Porta Pro Limited Edition Rhythm Beige

First introduced in 1970 on the iconic Pro/4AA, the Koss Rhythm Beige colorway has made it’s way onto many legendary Koss Headphones such as KPH30i and KPH40 Utility and now, Porta Pro Limited Edition.

Porta Pro LE BG

Porta Pro Limited Edition Black Gold

Luxury looks meets legendary sound with an all-new Black Gold colorway featured on Porta Pro Limited Edition for those looking for a more sophisticated listening experience..

Porta Pro LE RB

Frequency Response 15 – 25,000 Hz
Impedance 60 Ohms
SPL 111 dB
Drivers Koss Dynamic
Cushions Foam
Controls In-Line Controls for music/calls
ComfortZone Adjustable Temporal Pads
Included Porta Pro Limited Edition, Hardshell Case

Important information

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Weight 1.01 lbs
Dimensions 7.44 × 6.34 × 3.11 in
Package Dimensions ‏

7.44 x 6.34 x 3.11 inches



Item model number ‏


Date First Available ‏

December 5, 2016

Item Weight

0.46 Kilograms, 1.01 pounds


1 Count

Number Of Items


Manufacturer ‏

Koss Stereophones

7 reviews for Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition On-Ear Headphones, in-Line Microphone, Volume Control and Touch Remote Control, Retro Style, Includes Hard Carry Case, Wired with 3.5mm Plug, Rhythm Beige

  1. Dustin G.

    I have to be honest. I initially bought these because I thought they looked really rad. I mean, they really do. It’s like they came straight out of the 80s (because they did, Koss has been making this model of headphone since 1984). What I wasn’t expecting is how good, no, TOTALLY EXCELLENT these sound.First thing to note is that these are open back, which means that not only can you hear most of what’s going on around you, but in some cases what you’re listening to will also bleed out. This means others will sort of be able to hear your music or whatever. Not really a con for me as I like to remain aware of my surroundings and honestly the bleed isn’t so bad that it would bother anyone. Just worth noting.Build quality is great. Initially you may look at them and think they feel cheap, but I assure you they are really sturdy and well built. The plastic and metal components are designed to be lightweight and portable (as I believe these were originally designed to compete with Sonys original offering that came with the Walkman). Now because they’re so light they’re also VERY comfortable. At times I even forget I’m wearing them. They’re also very adaptive to a variety of different craniums thanks to the unique “comfort zone” tabs to adjust the tension on the ear pads, and the sliders to expand or contract the metal headband (try to adjust the headband BEFORE putting them on. They can pinch your hair if it’s long). Oh did I mention these can also fold up for easy storage? So cool.Sound quality is also out of this world good. Again, you may not think much of them as you take them out of the box for the first time, but rest assured these punch way above their weight. Speaking of punch, these things have some seriously punchy bass. The sound is rich and silky with refreshingly balanced highs and mids. Subjective, but you may want to bring the highs up a tad on your EQ because the bass response is so good.Other features worth mentioning are the accessories. The limited edition colors come with a volume slider and inline mic which sounds clear as a bell. They also come with an imitation leather pouch and a nice hard shell case which the headphones comfortably fold up into (the standard color runs only come with the pouch).All in all these things are fan-freaking-tastic. The lack of any kind of noise blocking/cancellation might be a turn off for some if you’re going to be using them in a noisy place, like an airplane or loud work site. Otherwise it would be extremely challenging to find a better set of headphones at this price point. Do yourself a favor and grab these. You will not be disappointed :).

  2. EZ Rose

    I had a pair of Porta Pros all the way back in the mid 80’s that I bought mostly because of their unusual design, but I soon came to love them for their amazing sound quality, especially considering the ridiculously low price. I enjoyed those little suckers for many years, maybe 15, until they finally decided to get up from my office desk and go home with someone else. Fickle bastards. So it’s been at least 15 years since we parted ways and I’d all but forgotten about my old pair of Porta Pros, but while I was recently hunting around for a new pair of headphones to replace the latest set to also elect to be adopted by a stranger I stumbled upon this Amazon page, and I was reminded of the great times I’d shared with that long-ago-runaway pair. A true Hollywood romance in the making, aye?The Koss Porta Pros I just received have better sound quality than I remembered of my long gone originals, even before being properly broken in. The critical mid range where vocals and guitar and piano are most present is truly wonderful; rich, full, crisp & detailed. Sibilance and other anomalies are nearly nonexistent, while ambiance, atmosphere & sound stage are impressive. The upper frequencies are likewise well fashioned, supplying ample shimmer & sparkle, but not brittle. As pleasant as the upper range is, it should only improve after 50 or 100 hours of break in. Now the bass is a mixed bag. It definitely pumps out a full heavy thump if that’s what you demand of your skull speakers. I prefer less bass than is the current fashion, although a pair of cans that can deliver brain rattling sub sonics is not contrary to my ethos. I just don’t need it as desperately as younger ears do. That said, I could hope for better low end definition in these Porta Pros. Bass drums and low end cello’s sound a bit muffled and soft, lacking natural acoustics. This, too, may change as they break in, I’m hoping. The bass isn’t BAD or even disappointing, it’s just not quite as competently executed as the rest of the sonic spectrum. I only make this point to assist those of you who are in the market for bass monsters, which these are not.Fit is also a mixed bag. They’re so light that weight isn’t a consideration even after a few hours of constant use. However, the thin foam ear pads provide the absolute minimum of cushioning, and within 30 minutes of use I became aware of a very dull ache on various points on my ears. The headset’s pressure can be adjusted, and set on “Light” they are slightly less tight on the head and ears, but I may have to try releasing some of the pressure by carefully bending the metal headband by opening them up wide, repeatedly. I’m going to wait to attempt that delicate operation in case they ease up on their own from use. If I do have to adjust them I’ll be careful not to over-bend them; the thin metal bands might lose their elasticity if I overdo it.The cable is very thin, but it seems durable enough, not chintzy, and it transmits zero noise to the ear pieces. The plug end is reinforced nicely with the cable extending at a 45 degree angle which I feel is the best formation to reduce wear & tear on that critical point. The in-line volume slider works very well and does not change adjustment on its own as I first feared it might. The microphone is, um, adequate. Not great. It’s actually pretty bad if you’re speaking with any wind or background noises. If you hold the mic right up to your mouth and speak more quietly it’s intelligible and passable. I left a few messages on my home answering service testing different conditions, and holding the mic almost to my lips produces the least annoying, most clear sound.Their appearance is just as distinctive & unusual as they ever were, which I like, especially now with the classy Shiny Gold & Matte Black styling. The included semi-hard zip-up case is a very welcome & useful addition, and the soft leatherette pouch is a pleasant bonus. So far, I’m more than pleased with this latest iteration of that trusted long lost friend, and I’m guessing they’re just as happy to be reunited with the older, better version of me. Sure they are…

  3. あまぞお


  4. Tania Anahí Martínez Zavala

    Son estéticos y suenan muy bien pero…
    Me gustan, tienen un diseño muy estético entre retro y actual y se ven super bien puestos. El sonido es perfecto, muy nítido.Pero no son perfectos, por supuesto que se llegan a sentir muy frágiles, en particular el cable, hay otras opciones con cable resistente, este en cualquier accidente se puede romper y la verdad no vale lo que cuestan 🙁 el control de volumen a mi me falla mucho tienen como un falso.

  5. ゆき


  6. Key

    Muy buenos audífonos
    Compactos, ligeros y muy cómodos para su uso cotidiano, entregan un sonido bueno para su rango de precio. Además que tienen una buena calidad en materiales y se nota el detalle en su presentación. Aunque su mayor punto negativo como mencionan en otro comentarios es que el cable es demasiado delgado

  7. 思ったより高級感があった

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