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Icekap Migraine Relief Cap (2-Hour Cooling) — Cold Cap for Headache Relief, Chemo, Migraine & Sinus Pain. Freezer-Gel Ice Packs Stay Cold Longer. Allergen-Free & Machine Washable (X-Large: Up to 23”)

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  • RELIEF, AT LAST: Imagine finally leaving the house to do the things you love — without the burden of migraines, tension, or cluster headaches. That’s the case for thousands of people who have discovered the original IceKap. And while it’s not a miracle, it IS the patented therapeutic, drug-free headache relief the world loves.
  • STAYS COLD FOR UP TO 3 HOURS: Icekap comes with 5 Therapy Grade Non-Toxic Gel Ice Packs. These last longer than others (Up to 3 hours!) and remain soft when frozen, so they can easily conform to your head. And they can be heated OR cooled for your needs. IceKap lets you choose where to put ice packs for targeted relief, or use every available “ice pocket” for complete coverage.
  • PATENTED PRESSURE THERAPY: IceKap is the only headache relief cap supported by the National Children’s Cancer Society and recommended by MD’s. It’s the first of its kind to incorporate an occipital tension band, which compresses muscles on the back of your head for science-backed relief. With soft micro-fleece and a unique hair loop, it’s so comfortable that you’ll melt into the fabric.
  • TARGETS THE ROOT OF YOUR HEADACHE: Unlike other headache hats, Icekap features a unique “back flap” for full coverage of the occipital region — where many headaches originate. Wear it backwards as a migraine mask, and the flap covers the eyes and sinuses. Icekap Migraine Relief Cap is fully machine washable and is crafted from polyester/spandex with a cozy mesh and fleece inlay.
  • THE “PERFECT FIT” PROMISE: To help you get the perfect amount of compression, we offer Cold Caps in 4 sizes. We highly recommend taking 1 minute to measure your head before choosing your size. For a perfect fit, measure the largest possible distance around your head. If you measure on the half inch, we recommend moving up a size. Don’t have a measuring tape? Use string and a ruler…and if your Icekap doesn’t fit, just contact us to exchange it!

Product Description

Migraine Relief Cap Cold for Headache Relief Chemo Migraine Sinus

Migraine Relief Cap Cold for Headache Relief Chemo Migraine Sinus

Migraine Relief Cap Cold for Headache Relief Chemo Migraine Sinus

Migraine Relief Cap Cold for Headache Relief Chemo Migraine Sinus

Migraine Relief Cap Cold for Headache Relief Chemo Migraine Sinus

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 8 x 8 x 3 inches; 2 Pounds

Date First Available ‏

‎ April 14, 2017


‎ B071XT4D5S

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10 reviews for Icekap Migraine Relief Cap (2-Hour Cooling) — Cold Cap for Headache Relief, Chemo, Migraine & Sinus Pain. Freezer-Gel Ice Packs Stay Cold Longer. Allergen-Free & Machine Washable (X-Large: Up to 23”)

  1. joolzy

    Ok. So I’m all about anything that will help make my migraines more tolerable. I already take meds for it, but that’s not enough unfortunately. So I have my handy migraine “kit” for when one hits. I read about this product on my Facebook migraine grp. I know there were other brands mentioned, so I checked them all out. I cringed a bit at the price of the icekap 2.0 but it seemed the most versatile and best quality.What I love:The hat is soft on the inside. Not fabric that will pill but smooth and light. The exterior is very solid, durable fabric. Easy to wipe off. It is not heavy on my head. But there are gel packs in pockets all over the entire inside so your whole head is enclosed by cold (or heat if you prefer). Other hats don’t give that much coverage.There is a small opening at the top so you can pull your hair up and out so it’s out of the way (I really love that). The gel packs don’t get rock solid when frozen, so i can mold the hat to my head. The back/lower neck portion is longer and has a dedicated ice pack. It’s great if your source of pain stems from your neck or if you want more coverage over your eyes you can turn it around. But even with it forward facing, I can pull it down enough that it covers my eyes and blocks out light. It’s highly adjustable using the Velcro tabs. Sometimes I want that cold pressure all over and sometimes I want no pressure, and looser. Very easy to adjust it for that. I ordered an XL even tho my measurements say an L would fit. I wanted a lot of room to adjust it and I find that the XL works well all the way tightened, loosened or in between. It stays cold quite a long time and when I’m done it just goes back in the freezer. I’ve also used it to lay back on as a cold source for neck pain. It can be good for really any spot that hurts.The only drawback would be the higher cost but to me it was worth it. At first I was thinking to myself I was crazy. Who spends this much on a HAT. I felt guilty bc I thought I was not being thrifty enough. I cut corners in a million different ways to save money, could I not just stick with my usual random assortment of ice packs? But the first time I used it, all notions of guilt were gone. It has really helped me weather my migraines. I have an abortive med I can take, but resist taking bc I don’t like the side effects. Between my icekap and my other little tricks, I can more often deal with migraines without the meds. It helps if I start using it (along with my other helps) as soon as I feel one coming on. Then I can head it off at the pass and hopefully it won’t get bad enough to need my medication. It also works so much better than random ice packs. I can put on my hat and lay down and rest. No having to constantly fumble with ice packs to get them in the right places. No slipping ice packs off my head. No drips. No need for an eye covering to block out light. And if I want, I can walk around with it on. It stays in place.So what more can I say? It’s great and worth every penny. Oh wait, you wanted to know about the company? Good news! Fantastic customer service! Their website is great to read because it gives some background of how the product came to be, how to use it warmed, order extra gel packs (so you always have a frozen set ready to swap out), etc. They have a toll free number and you can message them on Messenger. I left them a message yesterday after hours. I noticed one of the Velcro tabs was starting to come away from the hat. I was worried that it would eventually get worse and come right off. The hat would still be useable, just not as adjustable. So I reached out to them (this is months beyond the 30 day guarantee) and asked if they could help. I thought maybe they could offer suggestions on how to fix it or maybe send me a replacement at a discount, I really didn’t know what to expect.They messaged me back today, less than 24 hrs later. They said that even though it’s well past 30 days, they’d send me a replacement because it was so unusual to have that kind of problem happen. So, it’s on its way. And I’m so happy they were so helpful. Quality items can be hard to come by, but a great item with fantastic customer service to back it up is RARE. I’m glad I went with their product. I’m glad to support a small company. And I hope this review was helpful to those who are trying to decide if it’s a worthwhile purchase.

  2. Nunya

    My daughter and I get migraines. With mine, I can take my medication and I will get better. My daughter, however, gets vision problems, nausea and vomiting. The medication for her doesn’t help much. This migraine cap really helps her. I don’t know if it is the pressure from the cap, the cold, or a combination of both, but it works for her. We have relatively small heads and it fits fine. The cap seems to be well made as well.The ice packs stay cold for a long time as well. The space in the cap to insert the packs is pretty small, so they have to be inserted while still room temperature. In reading other reviews, I purchased an extra pack of ice packs so I could switch them out when they thawed out. Since they have to be room temperature to insert them, I haven’t even used them yet.

  3. Brooke Shalkowski

    I was t boned in January 2023 and still have post concussive syndrome from a moderate concussion. The head trauma also caused TMJ that radiates through my jaw and temples. I get frequent and SEVERE headaches from this and have tried about 10 different ice packs/caps. This is by far my favorite.Because it takes 24 hours to freeze, I bought a second one so I can keep them on rotation. It stays COLD for so long. It may not feel like it at first, but the longer you keep it on, the more numb that area becomes. You can move it around to get the big/neck ice pack on what hurts. So as my pain moves around, I can adjust it. The tightness can also be adjusted which I really like. My head can’t tolerate pressure so even my pillow hurts sometimes.I do wish it had a bit more coverage on the sides, but I think this is the best ice pack for the head. I’ve tried many other designs, but none work as well as this one. It is pricy, but I’d rather pay it for a good product since it actually helps my pain. Pain medication doesn’t help either. So this ice pack is truly my savior.

  4. Joseph & Lauren Durham

    This cap doesn’t work and when I sent it back because it has flaws they never picked it up after speak with them several times the driver wouldn’t it take it. We just noticed they have never refunded our money

  5. Kallie

    This “Kap” is outrageously priced for what it is. But other than that, it is exceptional. The slot for a ponytail prevents the pain of your hair being bunches up and pressing into your head. The ice packs are labeled 1,2 or 3 as are the slots for proper positioning and the fit is snug without being constricting. The Velcro appears heavy duty to keep it from loosing its grip. It’s truly a phenomenal product for pain relief. There is no way that the ice packs will stay cold for 3 hours in any kind of warm weather but the hat does stay cool for longer than I expected. I purchased an additional set of ice packs, 2 actually, but may return one. If this were priced more reasonably for the construction cost, I would give it 6 stars but it’s still worth the price tag for the pain relief you will get. I do recommend purchasing.

  6. michelle r

    If you have migraines, you are all too familiar with the extreme pain it can cause. I have been suffering from migraines for about 20 years now. I take prescription medication as needed if I get a migraine. This “ice kap” Makes all the difference in the world when it comes to pain relief. I bought the first generation ice kap When it launched several years ago by the manufacturer. It lasted me several years until the ice packs would no longer freeze. This version is even more comfortable than the first, and I like that it has adjustable straps and a place for you to even pull your hair through the back of it if you have it in a ponytail so that it can comfortably rest on the back of your neck without your hair being in the way. It is extremely cold, and my favorite part about this ice pack is that it stays that way for hours! I have so many other flexible ice packs that just do not hold up to this one. When you have a severe migraine, the last thing you want to do is get up every 20 to 30 minutes to change out ice packs. You just want to lay still in the quiet and darkness! If you are curious about this product, I urge you to buy it! You will not be disappointed!

  7. Fiona Douglas

    Game changer
    I bought this to help with a brain condition where I have too much fluid and have intense head pain, while it’s an amazing product and the gel lasts frozen so much longer up to around 2 hours than a normal ice pack and it’s great not having to hold it in place my only disappointments are there’s no ice pack on the temples which is where I need it most and it’s very heavy when fully loaded and frozen and not the comfiest to wear until it’s thawed a little it gets better as it thaws but I couldn’t sleep in it. It’s hard to get on when it’s solid too. I’d have given it five stars if there was temple coverage tho and it’s by far worth every penny it costs. Like others I bought spare gel packs to always have some ready. I can’t get the packs in when frozen so have to freeze in the hat already

  8. Julianne

    If you suffer from migraines, buy this.
    Writing this review after 2.5 years of use and only regret was I didn’t write or buy it sooner.I’ve suffered from migraines for many years, and this provides relief like nothing else. If you have long hair – I find it more comfortable to pull my hair into a ponytail through the hole, and take the elastic out so you’re hair isn’t actually being pulled back. Looks ridiculous, but works. It’s definitely easiest to store the icepacks in the hat, if you keep a lot of meats in your freezer maybe store the hat in a ziploc bag (will absorb the freezer smell). Sometimes the icepacks are shaped funny once refrozen but I just squish them down once I put it on. Comfortable enough to lay down and fall asleep in (I do it often). I personally don’t mind the lack of temple coverage – I find icepacks on my temples too sensitive for long periods of time, and the neck and forehead coverage are very good. Icepacks last long enough where I don’t feel like I need to buy back ups, but there is that option available.If you’re on the fence, buy it. I promise it’s worth it.

  9. Sheena

    Where has this been all my life?
    I have a lot of friends who are migraine sufferers and a few have this cap and swear by it. My migraines have increased dramatically from 1-2 a year to several a month, along with headaches in between. It was time for something better!!I’ve only used the back and front pockets so for, not the side ones.The ice packs are nice and flexible, but they do not stay cold for hours. Maybe 45 minutes max. But that’s usually enough to give just enough relief for me to fall asleep.It can be difficult and frustrating getting the packs into the little openings of the pockets, especially when you’re just barely functioning enough to get to the freezer.My head is often VERY sensitive with a migraine and the cold can be excruciating to start. To get around this I tuck a bandana between my skin and the cap until the cold is more tolerable.I do love the compression feature.I highly recommend this.

  10. Sammy Hill

    In love with this icekap
    I have a couple different makes of caps n this one u can move the Ice packs around into place so covers entire head. U must fridge it for 24hrs for full 3hr of relief. So I bought spare ice packs for it. So they r in fridge ready to swop over. Will say front forhead one on inside is a little thick so u don’t get loads of cool from it. Mine is 1 size to big but I prefer that as I can pull it over my eyes. I’m so happy I bought this cap I finally feel pain free while it’s on. I suffer with migraines that make me feel boiling so the cold way is the way I use it but u can heat it up if u prefer heat. I love the neck Ice pack as its large and cools my neck and shoulders. If the size isn’t right then look in description as ur given an email address to get size changed to fit. I want to thank who ever designed this cap it’s been a life changer

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