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Himalayan Dog Chew Original Yak Cheese Dog Chews, 100% Natural, Long Lasting, Gluten Free, Healthy & Safe Dog Treats, Lactose &

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Brand Himalayan Dog Chew
Flavor Peanut Butter
Age Range (Description) All Life Stages
Item Form Stick
Specific Uses For Product Active, Allergy Relief, Teeth, Behavior

  • YAK CHEESE HIMALAYAN DOG CHEWS: Made with an ancient Himalayan recipe from the mountains of Nepal. Each Himalayan dog chew is expertly hand crafted by artisans using ancient techniques passed down through families for hundreds of years.
  • JUST CHEESE: Milk sourced from the best yaks and Cows. Ingredients are natural with no binding agents, preservatives or additives. The curing process removes lactose making these yak chews 100% lactose free, gluten free and grain free.
  • KEEP YOUR DOGS HAPPY FOR HOURS: Your dogs will love chewing, licking & hiding these rawhide free chews for hours on end. These long lasting dog chews keep aggressive chewers busy.
  • EASILY DIGESTIBLE HEALTHY DOG TREATS: These long lasting Himalayan dog chews are harder and longer lasting than standard rawhide chews and bully sticks. These dog snacks are easier to digest with no lactose, gluten or grains added.
  • PEANUT BUTTER FLAVOR WITH PEANUT BITS: Large Himalayan Dog Chews ideal for dogs 55 pounds and larger. Chews sized right for your dog’s weight, temperament, and activity level. Not for dogs younger than 12 weeks.
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The Original Himalayan Dog Chew is a very long lasting dog chew. Himalayan Dog Chews are made by boiling yak and cow milk and then dried for several weeks to create a hard chew. Dogs must work the end of the treat for hours, softening it with their mouths before small parts of it can be slowly scraped off. It is 100-percent natural with no preservatives. It is an authentic type of cheese eaten by the people of the Himalayas. When you give this Himalayan Dog Chew to your dog, you know that you are providing them with hours of high quality eating entertainment. Packaged by weight, quantities and size vary.

Important information


Advice for use:<BR><BR> Supervise pets when giving them any treat<BR> Remove treat if potential hazard presents itself<BR> Best for dogs over 12 weeks old<BR> Give as reward or treat<BR> Chews will last longer if kept in a cool and dry place (do not refrigerate)<BR> Wash hands after handling products with dog drool<BR> Not for human consumption<BR> Remove treat if potential hazard presents itself.




Give as reward or treatSupervise pets when giving them any treatFor dogs over 12 weeks oldNot for human consumptionChews will last longer if kept in a cool and dry place (do not refrigerate)Wash hands after handing products with dog droolRemove treat if potential hazard presents itself

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Weight 5.3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1.25 in
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 10.25 x 5 x 1.25 inches; 5.3 Ounces

Item model number ‏

‎ 857164007723

Date First Available ‏

‎ February 1, 2019



Country of origin ‏


Manufacturer ‏

‎ Himalayan Dog Chews, Himalayan Dog Chew

10 reviews for Himalayan Dog Chew Original Yak Cheese Dog Chews, 100% Natural, Long Lasting, Gluten Free, Healthy & Safe Dog Treats, Lactose &

  1. Gnatty77

    I’d read about these yak chews and thought I’d give them a try as a last resort of sorts since my 10 month Basset hound goes through bones like crazy. She loves to chew but nothing lasts. She either eats the bone within minutes or tries to eat the ones that aren’t edible (nylabone type) and I have to take them away and throw them out which is a waste of $. I wanted something that would last a few days but also not splinter or cause indigestion or dental issues. And preferably, little mess. I purchased this pack of 2 Himalayan Happy Teeth yak chews (pb flavor) to try. First, let me say that she loves them. No problems w the flavor. But she ate it within 15 minutes, at most. These aren’t cheap and I’d hoped to get more for my $. At least a day! I was disappointed but upon further inspection of the back of the package and comparing it to the other large, single pack (original; 4 oz) & small 4-pack of chews I bought (churro flavor w chicken; 4 oz), I noticed a scale on the back of all of them. I saw that this pack was rated on the lower end (2). The other bag (same company) was rated an 8. Had I seen this before I made my purchase, I’d have ensured to get a harder density bone. The size DOES NOT have anything to do w how dense the bone is so don’t assume larger is harder. The scale will help you decide what’s best. It is extremely helpful in allowing owners the opportunity to pick the right yak chew just for your pet. If you’ve a large, senior dog w dental issues or weak teeth, pick a large, softer chew. If you’ve a small dog or a puppy who’s teething, pick a smaller, softer chew. Or anything in between! Since my medium sized dogs teeth are large, I’d prefer a large, harder chew (I’m sticking w the 8) until she’s an adult. I’m wondering how many people who said the bone didn’t last purchased them w out referring to the scale? So please read the entire back of the package to get a better idea of what will suit your dog. Let’s keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to find an edible YET SAFE bone that will last very long. That’s just how it goes w animals w big, sharp teeth that chew everything so I use common sense when comparing and rating. I don’t expect to get what I didn’t pay for but I do expect to get my moneys worth. Here’s what I learned. This feedback was based on a medium sized, 10 month old dog w no dental issues. The small chews that were rated 2 were gone in a few minutes while the large chew rated 2 lasted 15 minutes. The large chew rated 8 on the scale lasted 2-3 days. She chewed it for 8 hours straight, stopping only to sleep, when she first got it around 3pm and on/off throughout the next day and finally finished it by early evening on the 3rd. All that was left was a little 1.5 inch nub. After researching, I learnt that the nub can be soaked in water for 5 minutes then microwaved for a minute or so until it puffs out. (Watch it as it heats and take it out when you think it’s about to pop.) It’ll feel light w the texture akin to a pork rind. Once it cools, (it WILL be hot), you can let your dog eat it. It’ll be very crunchy and they Will absolutely love it!! After microwaving the nub of the yak chew (8), the result was similar to the non microwaved yak chew (2). I think that’s how they soften them so that they can be rated lower. Be warned, any chew that’s 8 or above will be very hard and dense. Impaction/breaking a tooth/choking would be my only concern w these chews but that goes for just about everything a dog chews. Owners should always maintain a watch over their dog while they chew on bones. I’d suggest a large chew for larger dogs because they won’t be able to get it totally inside their mouths and that’ll slow them down. Even if it’s an 8 on the scale but smaller, it’ll still fit in their mouth where all their teeth can work it into nothing in no time. I haven’t seen any issues w diarrhea or digestion since my dog has been eating them, but I’d check w your vet about how many is the right amount per week. As for mess, the softer the chew, the messier it seems though the churro flavor wasn’t too bad. This particular yak chew, Happy Teeth (2), stuck on my carpet but was easy to pick off w my fingers though the vacuum did no good especially once the crumbs dried. The (8) made hardly any mess at all but for the random crumb here or there. Best for the softer ones to be eaten outside or on a surface where the crumbs can be easily cleaned. I highly recommend this brand of Himalayan dog chew. Just don’t forget to check the scale before making your purchase. FYI: There are yak chew/bone holders available that aid your dog in keeping it in a position that’s easier for them to chew using a screw and prevents them from choking on the small piece. (The entire thing is very hard plastic.) Once the chew is a nub, you can remove it and microwave. They’re kind of expensive ($18-30) but I found one, Bonehead, for $5 w the available coupon. It only works w the larger bones-you might check for other holders for smaller bones-but did an excellent job of allowing my dog to grasp and gnaw on her yak chew. It also gave me peace of mind that she wouldn’t swallow or choke on the nub.If this was helpful, can you please hit the thumbs up button on the bottom! Thanks.

  2. Erin Langdon ‘The Bariatric Diabetic’

    I ordered the 3lb box of “large” chews on discount during Prime Days – they were delivered to my Arizona doorstep on a day that was 112f after being in a hot delivery vehicle all day. Having read other reviews, I immediately opened the box to inspect contents: 11 large yak chews, one which was VERY brown and another covered in what looked (and smelled) suspiciously of white mold. I removed the two suspect chews and placed the rest in a ziplock with a paper towel (the box had been shipped in a vinyl mailer so the outside plastic box was crushed and not-usable). I checked the ‘good’ chews after a week, no growth, so they’ve been fed to our 1yr old Bullmastiff/Boxer, who loves them dearly. The other two…yeah, not going to chance it, were thrown out.So 9 chews for $59? Less expensive than our local pet store charges for the BIG ones, but still annoying that I lost 2 right at the get go.So yes, would recommend…but open and inspect them as soon as they arrive.

  3. mrm212

    Bought the hardest chew for my 15 lb mix. She is small but she is a hard chewer with exceptionally large canines. She can eat through a collagen bone and bully stick in no time. This chew lasts a long time and doesn’t smell. She wasn’t really interested in it at first but once I soaked it in some water for 5 mins, it softened it enough to get her taste buds interested and then she was in chew mode for an hour. She is a trauma rescue and nothing interests her (except hiding) and one game I taught her to play. She doesn’t care about other dogs, really, either. But she likes to chew, so finding something that lasts a long time and keeps her engaged is a godsend. I love that there are only two ingredients listed, also.

  4. AB

    Our dog is a super chewer, so I knew full well that this treat wouldn’t last very long for her, but she enjoyed it! She is over 60lbs, so I got her the high density XL size. She was not interested in chewing on it until I wet it a bit in the sink. Then she ate it down to the nub in under an hour! No bad smell and looked great out of the package. I wish it lasted longer, but I will buy again!

  5. Ema

    Well, I gave this to my 10mo Belgian Malinois mix right when it got delivered bc BOY is he a chewer ???? I was reeeeeaaaaaalllllyyy hoping it would last longer than this given it was the 3.3oz and level 8 hardness, but he does really enjoy it. I’ll probably buy another and get the holder for it so he won’t come over and ask me to hold it for him every 10 mins ????????‍♀️????It’s been an hour and a half since delivery now and I’m at the soak and microwave stage lol definitely gonna see if they have a 9 or 10 hardness bc he just doesn’t stop ????Editing to add that omg this thing has NO RIGHT smelling this good after microwaving ???????????? four stars for longevity but five stars for enjoyment (and peace and quiet, iykyk with these Belgians lol)

  6. Howitzer117

    My dogs love these! They eat them pretty quick now but as the bone gets smaller it starts to last longer. My dogs favorite part is microwaving the last little bit into the cheese nugget. He goes crazy once he smells it from the microwave. Highly recommend these for dogs!

  7. artist1

    Loves all the flavors. He’s a super chewer so they only last 2-3 weeks. They have a mild smoky smell but it’s not bad at all and it doesn’t transfer onto furniture. It does crumb up a little bit and make a sticky crumb mess though. Also, my dog has the most sensitive stomach. He can’t have bully sticks or collagen sticks. More expensive but worth it. Chewing is the only thing that seems to really calm him. Highly recommend. Also the fact you can puff the remaining bit as a treat to eat makes them economical.Update: I bought bone and after bone and never had a problem but today I received a 3-pack of the small peanut butter ones that were moldy. They had some darker spots that seemed off and when I opened the package I got a whiff of fermented grass. Got a refund no problem. Just want all of your pups to stay safe and healthy so do a sniff check!!

  8. LuckyLucy

    Great dog chew . Lasts a while.
    Himalayan Dog Chew | Bacon Flavor | Medium | for Dogs 35 Lbs & Smaller | Long Lasting, Stain Free, Protein Rich, Low Odor | 100% Natural, Healthy & Safe | No Lactose, Gluten Or GrainsDog loves it. Big time. Will buy againIt’s Hard!! When he gets a sliver of it off he loves it.

  9. Annie-Claude Boisvert

    Impopulaire chez nous
    Ca n’a pas su susciter l’intérêt d’aucun chien dans la maison :((. Néanmoins le produit était fidèle a la description.

  10. Ron

    Pricey but irresistible to my Labrador puppy
    My dog devours 1 per day

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