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High Fidelity Concert Earplugs, Reusable Musicians Ear Plugs, 24dB Advanced Filter Technology Ear Protection

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  • ADVANCED FILTER TECHNOLOGY reduces noise (up to 24dB,NRR)evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound while protecting hearing. Mumba concert earplugs deliver crisp, clear sound at a safe volume. Won’t muffle music or voices as foam plugs do. Suitable for Concerts, Musicians, Drummer, Percussion, DJs
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: The soft, hypoallergenic reusable earplugs for concerts keep you comfortable whether you’re making music or dancing to it. These are absolutely safe for your ears and health. Hearing protection ear plugs are incredibly lightweight, soft and comfortable to wear.
  • INVISIBLE: Mumba high fidelity ear plugs seems to disappear in your ear when using, just like custom molded ear plugs. The professional ear plugs are small and low profile, making them discreet noise reducers.
  • GET THE PERFECT FIT with a pair of standard-sized earplugs(with filters inside) and a pair of small-sized shells. Fits most normal to large ear sizes. Easy removal with a tug on the elongated pull tab.
  • ALWAYS HAVE THE EARPLUGS WITH YOU: The musicians ear plugs come with an aluminum container and a carabiner that you can hang it on your keychain and carry it around with you wherever you go. You never know when a pair of protective ear plugs may come in handy!
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Plush Silicone Earplugs

For safe listening anywhere

With their innovative acoustic filtering technology, reliable sound reduction and extreme comfort, these noise canceling earplugs are both fun and easy to use. They even come with a convenient keychain carrier so that you never have to be without them.

  • Acoustic filtering
  • Washable
  • Convenient carrying case



Internal acoustic filter eliminates harmful or unwanted sound waves to deliver optimal noise reduction.



Since they’re made of easy-to-clean silicone, you can count on using these earplugs time and time again.


Multiple Sizes

Pack of two sets of earplugs includes a large and small size for a custom fit.


Accessories Included

Store your earplugs easily and take them with you anywhere with the convenient twist-top container that attaches directly to your bag or keychain.





Music Earplugs


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‎ September 3, 2023


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10 reviews for High Fidelity Concert Earplugs, Reusable Musicians Ear Plugs, 24dB Advanced Filter Technology Ear Protection

  1. Xero

    Good earplugs for the price. Used during a hard rock concert & worked pretty well, though the initial sound quality was muddy. It did get better as each band played, so not sure if it was the earplugs or the stage settings causing the sound to be muffled. Definitely would recommend for hearing protection during concerts, festivals, or any loud environment.

  2. Matt K

    Now that I’m in my thirties I can’t handle the ongoing days of tinitus you get after going to a loud concert. I wanted some sort of ear protection that wasn’t going to muffle out the sound too badly.These are interesting because when you wear them you can still hear everything, but the volume is at a more comfortable level. What’s also interesting is when I have them in and someone is next to me trying to talk to me while the music is playing I can actually hear that person better than if I didn’t have them in. When I ordered these it came with a spare pair which I didn’t know, so I ordered 2 and got a total of 4.The carrying case is a bit annoying because you have to unscrew the top which takes a while. When music starts blasting and you’re fumbling to try and get them out it can be a bit annoying. This could be improved by using a quick open and close clasp like you see on most wireless earbuds. Or even something magnetic. Other than that I have no complaints. It’s a great product!

  3. Nicole Corey

    I love these. They’re discreet, comfortable, and they work. But you can still hear.. Sounds aren’t so much muffled, as they are just turned down.

  4. Cassandra Johnson

    This are my favorite earplugs that I have tried. They’re so comfortable, have 2 size options, and the carrying case is super durable. I use them for concerts and festivals. Would buy them again.

  5. Cindy

    These are amazing! The bands at the bar are so loud that our bartenders can’t hear us and we can’t hear them. I bought a pair and WOW! The band is at a tolerable level but we can hear each other talk. All bartenders on band night are now ordering them.

  6. Yira Bowen

    I love this product, I used this for a music event, you can still enjoy the music. Great quality item, totally recommended. Also, super comfortable to use.

  7. Jess

    I purchased these for a concert I had coming up but when I received them I realized they weren’t the strength of protection I needed for my ears

  8. J. Nguyen

    Plugs work fine. metal case is defective and screw top will not stay secured. be cautious or you will lose your plugs.

  9. TVHM

    it’s fine

  10. Doomsday

    These work great but was missing the aluminum case and only had a small clear plastic case.

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