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Govee WiFi Hygrometer Thermometer Sensor 3 Pack, Indoor Wireless Smart Temperature Humidity Monitor with Remote App Notification

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Color White
Brand Govee
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Upper Temperature Rating 140 Degrees Fahrenheit
Product Dimensions 2.42″W x 5.61″H

  • Smart WiFi Temperature Sensor: With the 3 included sensors, you can easily monitor temperature and humidity data in real time from anywhere with the Govee APP. WiFi gateway supports pairing up to 10 sensors to extend your monitoring range to any location indoors and outdoors.(not support 5G WiFi)
  • Versatile and Accurate: Swiss-made sensors provide a wide range for detecting humidity and temperature. The range for temperature is between ±0.54℉/±0.3℃ while the humidity measurement range is between 0%-99%RH for more accurate measurements.
  • Alert Function: Set preset temperature and humidity ranges, and the Govee APP will alert you via cell phone when the smart hygrometer thermometer detects readings outside of the range. Respond faster to sudden changes in the greenhouses, bedrooms temperature, and more.
  • Free Data Storage: Remote monitoring with the govee thermometer/hygrometer. Supports online viewing of 20-day data graphs and export of data recorded over the past 2 years, perfect for nurseries, wine cellars, basements, botanical gardens etc.
  • Easy to Place: The wifi temperature humidity sensor’s design fits in the palm of your hands. It’s small enough to fit in potted plants, cigar humidors, reptile vivariums, and other small spaces. Meet your needs for any corner.

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Weight 5.29 lbs
Dimensions 2.72 × 2.32 in
Package Dimensions ‏

‎ 4.53 x 2.72 x 2.32 inches; 5.29 Ounces

Item model number ‏

‎ H5151, H5100


‎ 3 AAA batteries required.

Date First Available ‏

‎ October 18, 2021


‎ B09BVLP9C5

Country of origin ‏

‎ China

Manufacturer ‏

‎ Govee

4 reviews for Govee WiFi Hygrometer Thermometer Sensor 3 Pack, Indoor Wireless Smart Temperature Humidity Monitor with Remote App Notification

  1. Cory Maffeo

    I am delighted to provide a glowing five-star review for the Govee WiFi Hygrometer Thermometer Sensor 3 Pack. This innovative set of sensors offers an exceptional solution for monitoring indoor temperature and humidity levels with unparalleled convenience and accuracy.The standout feature of the Govee WiFi Hygrometer Thermometer Sensor is its wireless connectivity and integration with the Govee Home app. This connection allows you to remotely monitor temperature and humidity levels in real time, providing you with valuable insights into your indoor environment from anywhere you are. The convenience of checking the conditions in your home while you’re away ensures that you can make informed decisions to maintain optimal comfort and health.The inclusion of a notification alert feature adds an extra layer of convenience and peace of mind. The sensors can be set to send alerts directly to your smartphone when certain conditions are met, such as a sudden temperature drop or a humidity level that’s outside of the desired range. This proactive alert system enables you to address potential issues promptly, preventing damage to your belongings and ensuring a comfortable living environment.The Govee Home app is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to set up the sensors and customize your desired settings. The app’s interface allows you to track historical data, analyze trends, and gain a deeper understanding of how temperature and humidity fluctuate over time. The ability to view historical data is particularly valuable for identifying patterns and making informed adjustments to improve your indoor environment.The two years of free data storage and export is a generous offering that sets the Govee WiFi Hygrometer Thermometer Sensor apart. This extended data storage allows you to keep track of temperature and humidity trends over an extended period without the worry of data limitations. Additionally, the ability to export the data is invaluable for sharing insights or maintaining records for personal or professional purposes.The sleek and compact design of the sensors ensures that they blend seamlessly with any interior decor. The discreet profile allows you to place the sensors in various rooms without detracting from the visual appeal of your living space. The sensors’ unobtrusive presence is particularly important for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment.The accuracy of the temperature and humidity readings is commendable, offering reliable data that you can depend on for making informed decisions about your indoor environment. The sensors’ performance underscores their quality and the commitment of Govee to delivering accurate and trustworthy monitoring solutions.In conclusion, the Govee WiFi Hygrometer Thermometer Sensor 3 Pack is an exceptional product that excels in every aspect. Its wireless connectivity, real-time monitoring, notification alerts, user-friendly app, extended data storage, and accuracy combine to create a top-tier solution for monitoring indoor temperature and humidity. With the Govee WiFi Hygrometer Thermometer Sensor, you can achieve a comfortable and healthy living environment while gaining valuable insights into the conditions of your home.

  2. Mike

    I bought the 6 pack of sensors to monitor my two fridge/freezers, and my water equipment (a softener and well pressure tank). They’re a good value, relatively easy to set up, and I think are pretty close to being accurate. I have them set to alarm when the temperature gets too warm (for the fridge/freezer) or too cold (below freezing for the softener/tank). They fit the job… BUT… and this is SO VERY UNFORTUNATE… the lowest temperature you can set the alarm to is -4 degrees F. For both my freezers, the temperate drops to about -10F, constantly triggering the “low temperature” alarm. All I want is a high temperature alert (in case the freezer goes above 32 degrees), but you just can’t do that. So I have to spend the whole day clearing low temperature alarms on my phone (and watch) for the two freezers. OH – one suggestion, if you do decide to put these in a freezer. Alkaline batteries lose voltage at lower temperatures, especially below 0. You need to buy and use Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA’s for any sensor you want to use below freezing, as lithium batteries aren’t as susceptible to temperature extremes as alkaline (which is what Govee includes in their kits).

  3. S. McVey

    Most weather monitoring products will tell you the max & min temperature for a 24 hour period, but I wanted something that could not only tell me it got to 20 degrees, but also for how long. When you’re gardening in a greenhouse, the temperature going to 32 degrees for 1 minute is WAY different than it going to 32 degrees for 4 hours. That’s why I purchased this, to be able to see history in the 6 different zones, and it works great! I have had no trouble with battery life that other people have reported. I’ve had this a few months now, and it shows the batteries still at 4 out of 5 bars. Highly recommend.

  4. edinkdo

    The house is in the country and on a different electricity provider than our house is. Also, there is a poorly insulated (by me) pump house made of metal in which I put one of these. It’s difficult to get the signal to it from the house through the metal and double sided foil lines flexible insulation, but I stuck an empty plastic bottle under the edge of the doorway to this janky structure and moved the sensor closer to the place where the bottle is and the connection has since remained stable. The pump house is maybe about 80 feet away from the router inside the house, so there is a lot of stuff for the signal to get through.I needed to be able to monitor when the temperatures dropped to near or below freezing inside the house and inside the pump house. These sensors have done the truck for me through a relatively long hard freeze here in Texas.So far, I’ve had to replace the batteries in 2 of the 6 sensors in 2 months and it looks like I’ll be needing to change the rest of them soon. They seem to go from showing 2 bars of battery remaining to none as far as I can tell. The one I have in the garage (which was the first to need changing) is already looking like it will need changing again soonish. They’re easy to change, but I really would like to get them on rechargeables once I’ve used up all of the batteries I currently have on hand.They seem relatively accurate compared to others weather stations inside and outside the house and compared to the officially reported temps. I calibrated them all in the same room before placing them in their final positions.Getting them connected to WiFi wasn’t all that straightforward, and it took me a bit of time. Once I got one done the others were all easy though. Another reviewer here detailed something they did that made it work and I followed their lead. I can’t remember what it was. I did not find the installation guidance of the app all that clear nor the app itself all that intuitive. There’s a lot going on in that app that seems confusing and unnecessary to me, but that may be because they have so many devices available to buy and use on a hub – I’m not sure.At any rate, in spite of my hiccups with it, I’d recommend it. Just know you might hit snags with installation and search the reviews here for some tips. Also know you’ll be going through batteries and put them in places easy to reach for ease of changing them out.For the price, being able to monitor the temps remotely in 6 different areas of my property and one at a relatively long distance away from the router, this set of sensors and hub is worth it to me. It provides me needed peace of mind regarding the temps and safety of pipes and expensive pump equipment by warning me via phone notification when things are outside of expected parameters.

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