Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights, Smart RGBIC Outdoor Lights with 75 Scene Modes, 100ft with 72 LED Eaves Lights IP67 Waterproof for Christmas Decorations, New Year, Work with Alexa, Google Assistant

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  • Festive RGBIC Lighting: Choose from 75 scene modes and 16 million colors to light up house with the govee outdoor lights. Light up your garden and yard for Christmas parties. It can only connect up to 9 light segments and 1 extension cables.
  • Eye-Catching Lighting Effects: The lens design reveals a unique triangular lighting effect. The wall washing depth is greater than 16 inches, while the brightness of each light is 26 lumens. Install the lights 2-4 inches away from the wall surface.
  • Outdoor Durability: Added anti-UV material, the outdoor lights are IP67 waterproof with IP65 Rated Control Box and Adapter. Year-round Christmas decorations can use for up to 50,000 hours and work in bad weather from -4°F to 140°F (-20°C-60°C).
  • Simple Installation: Must use provided VHB glue and clips to install each Christmas light in 8 seconds. Splice through waterproof joints every 16.4ft and install them on eaves. Please note that the govee Christmas lights cannot be cut.
  • Smart App & Voice Control: Use Govee Home App to control colors of each govee light independently and set timer function to light up Christmas parties. Pair the Christmas gift lights with Alexa and Google Assistant for smart voice control.
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Weight 5.51 lbs
Dimensions 5.7 × 8.46 × 5.51 in
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 5.7 x 8.46 x 5.51 inches; 5.51 Pounds

Item model number ‏

‎ H705A

Date First Available ‏

‎ August 30, 2022


‎ B0BCQ3C4T2

Country of origin ‏

‎ China

Manufacturer ‏

‎ Govee

8 reviews for Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights, Smart RGBIC Outdoor Lights with 75 Scene Modes, 100ft with 72 LED Eaves Lights IP67 Waterproof for Christmas Decorations, New Year, Work with Alexa, Google Assistant

  1. Anon

    A lot of folks have already taken the time to write up great detailed reviews on this product (shout out to Bill for his as well as his informative Reddit post). I’m only going to try to repeat what bears repeating as concisely as possible.Firstly, for what they are, this product is absolutely fantastic. You get a set of permanent outdoor lights that work great for changing the look of your property to match whatever festive occasion you happen to be celebrating. As others have noted, the cost of professionally installed permanent holiday light installations far exceeds the cost of the H705A. At the same time, the lower investment point is reflected in the quality of what you get to a certain extent. For example, I find myself wanting to paint the ribbon cables to match my gray soffits as their nature is to want to twist even when pulled taut and laid flat. They definitely are noticeable from the ground; my HOA isn’t harsh but in some neighborhoods, this would be a non-starter.The lights install easily enough as others have mentioned; wipe spot with Windex, measure ~3″ from the wall and mark, peel the sticker and stick the puck on the target, add an optional one-hole strap, and repeat. I was fortunate to have access to a 50ft boom lift which allowed me to do the majority of work while not standing precariously on a ladder. That said, YMMV in terms of ease of installation, especially if you find yourself hanging upside down over the edge of an eave from a steep pitch rooftop trying to measure the distance from the wall to your mounting point on the soffit. On my flat soffits, the 3M adhesive gripped very well. I had to pull a few down to reposition and they took the paint off the soffits so I don’t foresee any just falling off without some force.Govee does not include enough straps to do one per LED puck and I didn’t want to have to get a lift again, so I used the majority on each puck higher than 20′ to ensure things stayed in place. I used them less on the lower sections.Where things get tricky, and what those lovely 3D product renders sneakily avoid conveying, is that each light strand is 16′ with eight lights per strand; unless you live in a box, your roof likely has multiple eaves, peaks, and jumps between floors. Govee presently offers one 12′ extension included with the product and reps have stated multiple times that they have no plans to offer the extensions as a separate purchasable product. The 3-pin connector is proprietary and does not match the standardized outdoor lighting cables you can find here on Amazon, etc. This means you will almost certainly have to void your warranty by cutting, soldering, and heat-shrinking pieces together with lengths of jumper wire (I used 18/3 stranded speaker cable).As Bill pointed out in his review, this is not really a problem (besides voiding the warranty) if you know how to do some basic soldering and you keep in mind that the lights want to be in groups of 4 at a minimum; any less than that and you lose the control signal and everything from the splice onward won’t light. I tested this so you don’t have to. It also means you’re going to be really good at soldering on a ladder and/or lift bucket by the time you finish if you want things to be exact.In the end, I was able to use one 100′ kit plus a single 16′ strand I bought on eBay for $100 to complete the front facade of my house. I had to cut and splice 2 ~10-15′ extensions in addition to the included 12′. I lopped off four lights total that we not needed (again, do everything in fours!). I mention this because if you end up needing something longer than 100′ but don’t need another 50′ of lights you’ll probably need to pay scalper prices to finish your project as the 16′ light extension kits (1 and 3 pieces) have not been in stock since December 2022 despite restocking of the main kits.Another limitation worth noting is that the product does not have a dedicated white LED. This means you cannot achieve a convincing warm white look that will match outdoor landscaping lights for the times of the year when you don’t want to RGB your house like a rave. I was very much hoping to use warm white (2700K) to match the Govee Flood Lights (H706x) which have a dedicated white diode and a classy warm white setting. Cool white is more accurate but any true white is going to look a little off with this product which limits its use year-round in places with strict HOAs.All that said, the scalloped RGB lighting looks absolutely amazing, all the installation effort was worth it. Also, the variety the app offers for the H705A is stunning. I won’t review the app much here; it’s easy enough to figure out and they’ve added tooltips to help with some of the more confusing aspects. I love the way the app brings all products under one dashboard. I also like how they give multiple methods to do any given thing such as setting a timer to automate an individual product or allowing you to group them and schedule automation for the group as a whole.If you are the DIY type and willing to accept some of the idiosyncrasies of the product (having to void the warranty if you need more than one 12′ extension, the ribbon cable is a bit of an eyesore, lack of true white LED) then this product will more than satisfy your desire for a great looking set of holiday lights that you only have to install once! Plan your installation thoroughly and account for ~8 hours of install time for a two-story home with multiple eaves. I think you’ll love the results!

  2. BRADY

    Overall the lights are awesome and all the neighbors love them, wondering what they are and where to get them! It has been great to change the lights to go with the colors of Sport Teams I watch, Christmas lights, and to security lights at night. I have no problem with the app at all.I put overall Four Stars because the support is not good nor can they even understand what I am asking for or saying it seems. The package of lights includes one extension cable. I am in need of another extension cable because I used the extension to jump over a spot that didn’t need lights. I have looked and all other options supposedly don’t function with Govee. Some even specifically state that. I contacted Govee to BUY another extension so I can finish putting up the last section of lights. As the power supply and controller cords combined are not long enough to reach the last section of lights to finish going around the front of my house.I believe there is a translation barrier and therefore will probably not get an extension unless I buy another kit which is unsavory in my opinion. I will say that support told me you can not use more than one extension at the controller or it will affect the lights which doesn’t apply to my scenario.If anyone happens to know how/where to buy another extension or know of one that is compatible; I would be appreciative.

  3. K. Smith

    I really like these lights. After planning out where each strand will go, I got the whole setup – 150′ worth of strands – in about an hour. Make sure you clean the surface with alcohol before you stick the lights on with the included 3M adhesive tape. I made the mistake of forgetting to clean a few spots before sticking up the lights, and one came off. If the lights fall… this is likely the reason. Once they are stuck on, the adhesive is solid.The lights are very bright but can be dimmed in the app to be almost nonvisible if you want. The app includes dozens of different “scenes” and customization options. The basic customizations are super easy to use, but you can also really get into the details with the DIY customizations. Each individual light is programmable. Additionally, these lights are bright enough to use as security lights if you want and can be put on a timer.Over the last 10 years I have easily spent more than the $350 price I got these for (prime day event). Knowing that I won’t have to deal with lights every year. I will also say that these lights are a case of “you get what you pay for.” The cabling, lights, connections, and app all seem to have gone through quality assurance testing. The app user interface, especially, is better than most other smart device apps I’ve used in the past.Finally, the customer service is top notch. I sent them an email about buying an extra extension cable, and they replied to me the next day saying that they will send one out to me right away.I could not be happier with Govee, and plan to buy more products from them in the future.

  4. Javier

    Govee es calidad
    Excelentes y de muy buena calidad, no son baratas pero valen la pena, se ven increibles

  5. Sandy

    Faulty adhesive mounts.
    I want to really like these lights however there are some challenges that really make giving this product 5 stars.Pros.In the right situation, should be very straightforward and easy to do. If your house is relatively flat, where you plan on connecting these lights, you should have no problems.The stickies are 3m and should technically adhere to most all surfaces.The lights act like a direct floodlight, meaning, directly below the light you see the true color. You need to keep it close to your house, so that the flood effect can bounce off of your house and project the light. If the light is over a foot away from your house you’ll get significantly less affect. On an angle, the lights are dimmer and often can appear off color, this might be due to the LED style.As seen in the photo, I mounted the lights under my soffit 3 1/2 inches off the house and I’m happy with the look.The app is basic. It has some presets however, it’s a little silly. You don’t have a soft white, and have to fiddle around with the wide variety of colors to try to get a decent looking yellow.ConsMy soffits are plastic/vinyl. The stickies do not adhere well at all to this material. This is made installation extremely difficult and frustrating.Ive worked with 3m a lot (mainly mounting go pro mounta) and these are no comparison, which is concerning, especially since these lights are so light.The newer version of these lights advertise that you can cut them, however, this version does not are very finicky if you plan on slicing them for gaps. Be aware of this if you’re watching YouTube videos where guys are showing you how to do it, they are using the newer version. The kit provided clips for extra security. Also have the 3M sticky, which makes them kind of useless, and the screws provided are not self tapping and tiny. If you’re going to use the clips, you’re gonna need to upgrade the screws, I used number #6,1/2 inch metal screws.Again, I would give this product a better review. However, my experience dealing with it is satisfactory at best.

  6. RHCa

    (Updated) Support Is NOT responding
    Update:Support did now get back to me and things have been taken care of. Though the initial response was less than snappy, they made good on overall customer satisfaction .I have had an issue with 2+ (out of 6) sections of lights not activating. I have filed an issue in the application and sent in a support form via the website. I also tried calling the support # listed on the website and haven’t gotten a response from any channel. I would rather not have to return the whole works as these lights are now stuck to my eaves.Has anyone had luck with any support channel for Govee Canada?

  7. ZY

    The Brightness and the wiring should have variety of colors.
    I dislike the wiring, should have variety of colors because the soffit and fascia has variety of colors as well. The soffit and fascia that I have is dark brown and the wirings are white so it looks weird. Also the distance between the LED lights are 12 inch’s should be less around 6 to 8 inch that why the Brightness it won’t be enough. Thank you.

  8. Amelie

    Très bonne lumière
    J’ai acheter 150pieds de fils. Il m’en n’a manquer finalement j’ai du acheter un 50 pieds supplémentaires. Pour apprendre par la suite que dans l’application tu ne peux pas jumeler le 250 pied avec le 50 pieds. Nous avons du repasser le fil pour aller collecter dans le courant car ma section de 50 pieds allumais pas.Il a beaucoup de fonction dans l’application. A force de fouiller je vais mieux la comprendre. J’ai communiquer avec le service à la clientèle et j’ai toujours eu des réponses rapides. Excellent service de leur part. Les attaches sont très importantes car la colle ne colle pas temps que ça. Moi je me suis racheter des attaches supplémentaires et nous avons viser chaque lumières afin qu’elle arrête de décoller. C’est plus de travail mais nous aurons pas besoin de remonter dans l’échelle nous ne toucherons plus à ca.Maintenant reste à voir si ca résiste au froid du Québec

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