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GENMAX Portable Inverter Generator,3200W Ultra-Quiet Gas Engine & RV Ready, EPA Compliant, Eco-Mode Feature, Ultra Lightweight

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  • 【Strong Power】GM3200i uses newest high speed 5.2 HP 145cc gas engine, output 3200 surging watts and 2800 running watts , this powerful inverter generator is the dream ideal product for emergency home backup power, jobsite use, tailgate or camping with your RV.

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Weight 47.3 lbs
Dimensions 18.9 × 11.4 × 17.3 in
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18.9 x 11.4 x 17.3 inches

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47.3 pounds





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8 reviews for GENMAX Portable Inverter Generator,3200W Ultra-Quiet Gas Engine & RV Ready, EPA Compliant, Eco-Mode Feature, Ultra Lightweight

  1. Amazon Customer

    We purchased this generator with the intention of using it with our 5th wheel RV for overnight parking at a place like Walmart. Based on the Amazon site description which stated “Capable of running for a long time for 8 hours in the case of 1 gallon of fuel, with “economy mode” for maximum fuel efficiency”, we did not think this would be a problem. The first time we used the generator for overnight parking, we parked and turned on a single AC unit on the RV (it was about 95deg outside). It ran out of gas after about 75 minutes. We refilled it, made sure the Economy mode was turned on, and made sure nothing was on in the RV except for running the AC. It ran out of gas again after about 90 mins. Soon after that, it got too hot in the RV to sleep so we got up and got back on the road. This generator, contrary to what we understood from the description, does not last even close to 8 hrs, at least not when running a single AC unit in the RV.Unfortunately, the first time we needed it for this type of overnight parking was past the 30 Amazon return window. We then reached out to GENMAX for help. Although the response was not as timely as we would have liked and they did not agree to a return for a full refund, we did eventually come to agreement on a partial refund back to our payment method and agreed to review their advertising information. Based on this, and the fact that, other than realizing that a 1 gallon tank was just not sufficient for our big RV, we have no complaints about the generator. It worked well while it ran. We are amending our rating to a 4 star.

  2. JRC

    It’s a good little generator. I bought it to power my teardrop camper. I tested it out last week for a trip I have planned. I filled the tank and followed all start up instructions. I operated a 5000 BTU window air conditioner at full power on the generator for more than 10 hours on that same tank of gas. I was impressed. I’m not sure how many watts I was using from the air conditioner but I did have it set on max cooling. The only thing I wish was slightly different. What is the instructions on the dipstick for checking the oil . Luckily, I’m familiar with small engines and ignored the instructions. The instructions indicate to keep the level of oil above the scale, and then point to a line that’s halfway down the scale. Someone could easily misinterpret this as the full mark. Otherwise, everything was good and it even came with an extra spark plug .

  3. Clemont

     After a long search and comparison, I decided on the Genmax 2000i, which I wanted to take with me to Mexico.The generator was in Laredo for another week, I picked it up at the bodega, opened the box and checked the generator from the outside, everything was fine, like new, only the adhesive tape on the Kortan was transparent.When I was in Mexico, I read the instructions, filled up the oil, filled up with petrol and the power generator ran on the third pull and was very quiet. I thought that was a good thing.Now the assessment:1: The specified amount of oil did not fit, it should be 1/10 gallon, 0.378 liters, it was too much. The level on the dipstick was exceeded.2: the big disappointment. The generator does not have an hour meter, so I wanted to install an hour meter, which is very easy to install.I pulled the spark plug cap and saw a cracked spark plug, not good!!In various Amazon reviews from various generators I had seen spark plug caps or spark plugs broken, now I had the same thing.3 years ago I had a Westinghouse igen 2200i from Amazon that had a broken spark plug cap, I bought a cap from Honda which was better and worked fine.But here the broken spark plug was a bigger problem, picture 2 and 3a3: the supplied spark plug wrench only worked for a 1/4 turn, then it got stuck. The included spark plug wrench only went on because the spark plug was bent. After changing the spark plug, the original socket wrench can be put on, but it jams.My assumption, someone had this generator and tried to unscrew the spark plug, bent it and sent the device back. That’s why I couldn’t fill in 0.378 liters of oil because there was residual oil in it.4: I was only able to turn the spark plug wrench a 1/4 turn then it stuck to the housing, the spark plug was crooked and porcelain stuck the wrench to the spark plug. I had a hard time getting the spark plug out.5: Porcelain parts were on the outside of the cylinder head thread, picture 46: there was a chip in the spark plug hole thread picture 5, I was able to remove it with tweezers.7: mmh, did some parts fall through the spark plug thread into the cylinder?I checked with an endoscope and thankfully didn’t find any parts pic 6 but a thread burr on the piston pic 6, using a small 7mm diameter hose on a car vacuum cleaner I went into the spark plug thread and the first time I was able to remove the instep pic 78: it was a lot of work to create space for the work picture 89: why all this? Look at the pictures 9, 10, 11, and 12, the spark plug can hardly be changed with the long original tool. Even with a short spark plug tool with a 1/4″ drive, it is almost impossible to change the plug. A flexible 1/4″ or 3/8″ socket wrench must be used. The spark plug wrench does not line up with the spark plug.Summary: It took me 4 hours to fix what someone broke and covered up.The top thread is slightly damaged, but it should still work.After taking the whole case apart I can say the plastic parts, the finish everything I saw seems to be of good quality and finish. When assembling it, I noticed that everything was a perfect fit.The generator has a very low running noise, very quiet in Eco mode.I was amazed that even in Eco mode the generator runs without any problems with a 1400 watt electric oven.Would I buy the generator again? Yes, but the supplier has to change the spark core tool immediately, or even better, install an engine that has a spark plug that is slightly slanted to the side, then there will be no problems even with a standard tool.I hope the seller, wholesaler and manufacturer respond to this comment.PS: Years before that I worked as a development engineer for electromechanical devices.

  4. Dong Chen

    It is a very solid generator. It is relatively quiet for this size of generator. I use it as a backup generator for the house. It powers up a Texan house without issue. (Of course, I am running just one AC at a time, not all four 4Ton ACs simultaneously. I also installed easystart soft starter for the AC.)

  5. WildBill

    I’ve used it for several power outages. It runs the refrigerator, desktop computer, giant CRT tv set, and a couple of fans. Which is all I need. This way I can avoid dragging out the big generator. I keep the small generator in my house. It doesn’t smell like gas, with the gas cut off and cap vent closed. No leaks. UPDATE 04 Sep23. Used gen during power outage from Idalia. Working well, no operational issues. Manual does not describe control panel lights’ color with function. Control panel hard to read in dark. Plus control panel is glossy plastic, flashlights to read controls just glares back at you.

  6. James Hall

    I got this for camping and Blacklighting for insects. It works great. Small and easy to carry. Will run several hours on less than a gallon of gas.Not as quiet has the Honda models, and much more quiet than other generators I have had in the past.

  7. Beach Lover

    We shopped for a long time for a new portable generator. This one is easy to start as I am a 110 pound girl. I can carry it or move it with a dolly if long distance. It will run just about any appliance I need while working on the farm. Will be great also for hurricanes! Not as quiet as a Honda but for the price it is perfect.

  8. Dale J. Bartlett

    Nice little generator far electric power tools

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