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Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors by Raid | 2 Lures + 2 Refills | Effective Fruit Fly Trap for Indoor Use | Fruit Fly Killer & Gnat

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  • Convenient insect trap to protect your fruits: When looking for an easy way to kill fruit flies that ruin your food, don’t just rely on ordinary fly catchers, food fly killer, or fly control product. Choose the Raid Fruit Fly Trap Indoor Bait. This apple-shaped gnat killer trap easily attracts, captures and keeps the fruit flies out of sight. Considered as one of the best fruitfly catcher traps, our Gnat Trap Indoor Catcher will help free your kitchen or dining area from those pesky fruit flies
  • Safe fruit fly killer that uses food lure attractants: When using the Raid Fruit Fly Killer Trap, you need not worry about getting in content with chemicals or killing agents. Our gnat traps only use a proven and tested food-based attractant that food flies couldn’t resist. These plastic gnat catchers are even safe to put in food prep areas even beside real fruit. But while our fruit fly traps for kitchen are non-toxic, it’s still advised that you keep it out of your kids’ reach
  • Raid fruit fly trap you can count on: For many decades, Raid has always been the most trusted brand in pest control solutions. While we confidently stand by the quality of our fruit fly killer indoor traps, we want you to know that your satisfaction is our topmost priority. If in case you’re unhappy with your purchase of our Raid Fruit Fly Catcher Indoor Traps, please let us know immediately so we can do everything to improve your overall experience
  • 180-day bundle of fruit fly traps that work: Because this fruit fly traps indoor flying insects use a food-based lure, this indoor fly trap easily attracts all major species of fruit flies and making them enter the patented holes of the gnat catcher. Once the fruit or kitchen flies enter the hard plastic apple-shaped traps, they will be unable to escape and eventually drown. With 2 lures in the pack, plus 2 bonus refill lures, you’re good to use these fruit fly catchers for as long as 180 days
  • Easy-to-use reusable fruit flies trap: Our fruit fly control traps amazingly attract, trap and kill fruit flies. Best part is, these fruit fly and gnat trap indoor catchers are easy to use. All you need to do is put the lure, add water up to the fill line and then close it for use. Once the fruit fly trap is full, you can reuse the trap for fruit flies and gnats after cleaning with warm soapy water. Just remember to replace the gnats and fruit flies lure every 30 days or until the trap is full
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8.81 x 6.18 x 2.54 inches

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8 reviews for Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors by Raid | 2 Lures + 2 Refills | Effective Fruit Fly Trap for Indoor Use | Fruit Fly Killer & Gnat

  1. acefrapple

    I’ve used these before, so I know they’re cute and work well.However, the packaging on this product is ridiculous. It took me about 15 minutes and a variety of tools to get these open. I nearly broke a knife. Raid, chill out with the super strength plastic! Goodness!

  2. Trent Steele

    Just ok, I purchased this product and another at the same time. The other product way out performs this one. Completely different styles, and price point though.

  3. Rafael

    It works but not as well as I would like it too

  4. Kshira

    It draws them to the item but they are very slow (takes days) for them to go i side

  5. U. Mitchell

    Can’t say they work well as using fish detergent and water have proven more effective. But I have caught some critters even a few flies. Better looking than a bowl of fish liquid but has a icky smell.

  6. Elad Shalom

    It’s already four days on my counter, with a lot of fruit flies a few centimeters near to it, and not even one fruit fly was going even near to it.Edit: at the fifth day I woke up and saw maybe 7 flies inside, which is weird, I think that it is related to the sun because it was in the window… So maybe on the fourth day, there was just more sun that heat it.

  7. Rygon

    For 2 days I let 2 traps sit, and not a single fruit fly landed or was caught on either trap. The flies had absolutely no interest in the bait solution made by Raid. The only reason I’m giving this 2 stars is because the plastic apples can still be used, just not with the solution Raid gives you. Simply add red wine into the apples and the flies will come in droves. I’m shocked how a company as well known as Raid would make such a worthless product. I’ve been using their ant killer for over 30 years and it works amazing, so I was stunned by how awful their bait in these plastic apples performed. If you get these, just use red wine instead of the useless bait they give you.

  8. Edna Velazquez

    Purchased this and thought it didn’t work. Then saw that the fruit flies were slowly disappearing. I checked the apple and saw a bunch inside. While this does work, you may not see it right away. You have to be careful that someone doesn’t knock it over as the liquid does spill out. Otherwise it does the job.

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