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Catchmaster Glue Mouse Traps Indoor for Home 10PK, Bulk Glue Traps for Mice and Rats, Pre-Baited Adhesive Plastic Trays for

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  • READY TO USE: Rat, Mouse and Snake glue traps are pre-scented and are intended for use without additional rat bait. For best use, leave the mouse trap with paper on so pests can acclimate to the trap, then place glue boards along known or suspected rodent pathways. The mouse and rat traps are scented with a special formula to attract insects and rodents.
  • YEAR-ROUND PROTECTION: The disposable large mouse pad is sticky, pre-baited, and ready to use. Our adhesive formula is designed to prevent hardening that can limit the effectiveness of the rodent and snake trap. When placed in an area with normal conditions, glue mice traps can last up to one full year. The mouse and rat trap can be used as an alternative to glue boards that may not hold up as well in damp or humid areas like basements or bathrooms.
  • HOME & FAMILY SAFE: Designed to help you keep your family protected and safe from unwanted pests in your home, Catchmaster glue traps are intuitive, secure and effective. If using in an area with dust or other debris, fold the trap into a tunnel to protect the glue of the sticky traps for mice and rats. Our products are tested under the harshest field conditions to ensure maximum reliability for any level of pest control expert.
  • TOTAL COVERAGE: The mouse traps indoor for home can be used in residential, commercial or industrial buildings, or anywhere rodenticides or snap traps are undesirable or prohibited. The glue traps for mice and rats can also be used for snakes or as spider traps. For best use, place the rat & mouse glue trap along pathways and check the sticky mouse trap daily or when noise is heard. Our fast-acting glue boards are proudly made in the USA, and keep your family and home safe from pests!
  • INTELLIGENT PEST MANAGEMENT: At our core, we are dedicated pest detectives. We believe in utilizing a science-based approach to integrated pest management. We call this approach Intelligent Pest Management. We leave no stones unturned when it comes to pests and we have unwavering conviction in our products.
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Weight 8 lbs
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10 x 5 x 0.5 inches

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10 reviews for Catchmaster Glue Mouse Traps Indoor for Home 10PK, Bulk Glue Traps for Mice and Rats, Pre-Baited Adhesive Plastic Trays for

  1. Chibby

    So before I ordered these, I was using a different brand. Let me just say the sucked! The rat ???? would literally take it with it and I’d find them somewhere else all chewed up. Obviously the adhesive wasn’t strong enough and pretty tasty to the disgusting creature’s. So after getting defeated and even more grossed out, I did some research. Catchmaster seemed like it was worth a try.I would’ve never thought I’d get so happy to receive a box of traps, but I was beyond happy when they arrived. I quickly placed some out and within a few hours, I heard screeching! It was so desperately trying to escape but the adhesive wasn’t letting go of the nasty thing! Honestly, I felt so bad for it but so glad there was one less roaming around. That morning another one and another!!! I was stoked because I only saw 3 before and trapped 3. So in just a day caught my problems!!! Thanks Catchmaster for making a reliable trap!!!I’ll definitely be re-ordering more just to have on hand if this problem occurs again!

  2. Dave

    Out of all the brands of rat traps I’ve bought, this is the most successful in catching the rodents. It’s sticky enough to not let them escape after stepping on them, and the bait does not leave a smell, so my dog doesn’t acknowledge the traps nor holds any interest in them. They’re easy to place and work best in places that rats will come and go. When I first used these traps, it caught a rat within the first 2 hours of ever using them, so that was impressive. The price is quite high for the quantity, but it proves itself in the effectiveness, so they’re definitely worth the money. I re-buy a set whenever I’m out.

  3. Rush

    I read the reviews for this and saw people complained about it’s not sticky enough. I think the size off the mice matters. I caught 3 small sized mice in my house the first night set. These were small house mice so they were not strong enough to drag the trap.After I made the purchase I realized my dilemma. I’m terrified of mice. I had to find the courage to throw the trap with the mouse in a garbage bag and put in garbage bin. I recommend you buy something that kills them if you don’t have the stomach.My only real complaint, is the prebait doesn’t entice them at all. I saw some people use there own bait. I recommend you follow that. I was able to catch them without adding bait because I put it the trap in areas they travel a lot. I put it In their way so they have to go over it to reach they destination.

  4. AnnMarie

    If I am being honest, the size is PERFECT, wish they had this in 2 packs i wouod have gotten it. But the whole “scented to attract pests/bugs” I don’t feel like that is accurate, I’ve set up so many of these around the house where mice and bugs run through since I’ve had them and have not caught anything which is super frustrating but if and when mice or bugs wind up going on or over it, the stickiness will definitely get them trapped FOR SURE I mean the stickiness is honestly excellent, I have had them out for two weeks and only moved them once and no luck so I don’t think whatever they scent them with works but the stickiness does & the size is exactly what I wanted, so that’s good enough for me.

  5. Kindle Customer

    I saw a couple of mice in my home (which I’m not used to at all) so I went on Amazon an searched rat traps over 4 stars lol this one had pretty good reviews so I paid for overnight delivery. Set them just before the evening and by the next morning both of my pests were caught! I’m only writing this review for people on the fence. I had small/medium sized mice and all I had to do was pick up the traps and throw them away.

  6. mary

    I got these today and from past experience knew rats can run off with glue traps so I duct taped these to so stiff cardboard so rats wouldn’t have such an easy time flipping them over. I also blocked off part of a doorway I know the rats use frequently so they get funneled to one small area that I have lined with anchored glue traps. I’ve caught 3 large rats in two days. We use a pellet gun to put them down because I don’t think leaving them on a glue trap is humane. Using these glue traps in the right way has been more effective than snap traps. Just make sure to put them in a high traffic area that bottlenecks.

  7. hsteacher

    I have lived in my suburban home for 35 years and never had a mouse in the house. All of a sudden, several entered my home. I have no idea how or why. After reading many reviews, I decided to try these. Within 30 minutes, mom and youngster are sticky and dead! What a relief! I realize that there may be more. I ordered the eight pack and am purchasing another. Terrific product!

  8. B Christensen

    There is a reason why professional exterminators use this and don’t bother with “snap traps” – they flat out work. But there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get maximum effectiveness:1. You must know the path that the critters are taking. Just spend some time getting inside the head of your vermin – they have a nest somewhere and they travel back and forth to food and water sources. They will usually travel against walls and along the tops of roof joists. If you find holes in walls, you will often see a dirty smudge where their filthy little tails drag along behind them. You will also see droppings (they seem to poop constantly). Place these traps in the high traffic areas, arranging them so that they are butted against walls, and along the trails they follow (think of the way ants travel in a line – rats and mice kind of do the same thing).2. Don’t bother with bait – if you follow the instructions in #1 above you don’t need bait. I have never baited these things and I have caught a LOT of rats (my wife feeds birds in our yard and the seed attracts rats).3. Do NOT use these outside or anywhere your pets or children can come in contact with them. If you put them outside, you will inevitably end up with a bird stuck to it, and unless you are a cold-hearted killer, you will feel awful. When I have to use them outside (like along the pathways the rats use to visit the bird feeders) I cover them with a long pice of plywood propped against the wall to create a “tunnel” and try to make it much more difficult for anything other than a rat or mouse to get stuck. Also, curious house cats will OFTEN get stuck in these, especially if there is a mouse or rat thrashing around on it and squeaking. Let me tell you that it is NO fun trying to pull one of these off your cat’s face while there is a live rat stuck to it (or a toddler’s shoe!). Also not covering them, you’ll end up with a lot of leaf litter on them, which hinders their effectiveness.4. Don’t use these if you can’t handle the sight of a dead (or dying) rat or mouse. Be prepared to “dispatch” the animal humanely once they are trapped. These traps do not cause instant death (the way snap traps do). The animal will eventually die (often from suffocation or shock) but the most humane thing to do is to kill them once you hear the squeaking and thrashing around. Speaking of which, it is fairly common (especially for a larger rat) to become partially stuck on one of these traps. I had a big wood rat get his back end stuck on one in my attic one night, and he flipped out, thrashing around and dragging it all over the place until I was able to crawl up there and “take him out”. Outside, I usually use a shovel to decapitate them quickly when they get stuck. In the attic, I will usually use a very sharp hunting knife or a pair of lopping shears to decapitate them. (Did I mention this is not for squeamish people?). On a side note, don’t leave these in the attic too long without checking them. Trust me, if you wait until you smell something funny, you are going to have a very unpleasant situation to deal with.5. Make sure you wear rubber/latex/nitrile gloves while disposing of these once you have a dead mouse/rat. The reason is twofold: first, they are filthy disease-ridden creatures and they tend to poop and pee all over when they die, and you don’t want contact with that. Secondly, if you accidentally get stuck to the trap while retrieving it, you can slip off a glove easily. If you’re bare skin gets stuck (and these things are STICKY!) you will have a real mess do deal with.

  9. Yinet

    I guess I had Stuart Little in my laundry room or some sort of smart mouse/rat bc it would not fall for the traps I initially set up. At first I tried Humane cages, and then Old school Victor traps, but It would not even bother to pass by them. So, I decided to try these sticky trays, and it finally worked. I set them up at around 7pm and the next morning there it was. I lifted it up and threw it in a bag, and not for a moment it was able to move.

  10. Rachael Coyle

    A field mouse got into our house since we live next to railroad tracks and was around the stove. It broke two traditional traps. We got these glue traps and placed four around the stove without bait on them before bed and the next morning the mouse was there. These provide great coverage and are larger than most. Easy to pick up and dispose of. They do the trick and was happy with the result.

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