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BOOSINY Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack, 1 Tier Dish Rack for Kitchen Counter, Adjustable Length(33.5-36 in), Stainless Steel Dish Drainer, Dish Shelf Kitchen Storage Organizer Space Saver, Sliver

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  • Multi-Functional Kitchen Dish Drying Rack: This over-sink dish drying rack features an all-in-one design that can efficiently help you to store various cleaning supplies, such as bowls, plates, spoons, forks, cooking knives, wine glasses, chopping boards, cleansers, and more. A top kitchen storage organizer and space saver, not only for large kitchen but small kitchen, and suitable for rv, farmhouse, apartment
  • Fit for the Faucet of Any Height: If you remove the middle rack to the below-bracket, this sink drying rack can suitable for the faucet of any Height. Beside, the size is 33.5 – 36 (L) *11.8 (W)*20.5(H) inches
  • Length Adjustable Design fit Different Sink: The length of this practical dish drainer over the sink can be freely expanded from 33.5” to 36” according to your needs
  • Sturdy and Durable: The above sink dish drying rack is made of stainless steel, durable enough for long-term use without rust and corrosion. The large capacity allows you to store all the tableware, while the over-sink design enables it to drain water directly into the sink, not onto the countertop, effectively avoiding water pooling
  • Easy to Assembly and Use: All these parts are easy to remove and adjust, and convenient for daily cleaning. The countertop will not get wet as water drip directly into the sink, making your kitchen counter more tidy and clean. This kitchen sink rack is equipped with a hex key and a wrench, no extra tools are needed, easy to install

Product Description

Boosiny Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack

escurridor de platos acero inoxidable

Whether you have a small kitchen without a dishwasher or you prefer to wash your dishes by hand, an over-the-sink dish drying rack is a must-have for your kitchen. To maximize a small space, we recommend an expandable over-the-sink dish drying rack.

multifunctional kitchen telescopic rack

Detachable Design

  • DIY Your Rack Anytime
  • Easy to Install or Detach
  • Easy to Clean

apartment essentials for first apartment kitchen sink organization

Fit for Any Faucet, Even the Tall Faucet

  • If You Remove One Rack from the Top Bracket to Free Up the Middle Position, The Faucet Will Not be Covered, So This Over-The-Counter Dish Stainer Suitable for Faucets of Any Height

Important information

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Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 × 36 × 20.5 in

‎Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions ‏

11.8"D x 36"W x 20.5"H




Sliver – One Tier

Mounting Type

Countertop Mount

Weight Limit

120 Pounds

Special Feature


Item Weight

11.62 pounds



Country of origin ‏

‎ China

Item model number ‏


Date First Available ‏

September 9, 2022

Manufacturer ‏


10 reviews for BOOSINY Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack, 1 Tier Dish Rack for Kitchen Counter, Adjustable Length(33.5-36 in), Stainless Steel Dish Drainer, Dish Shelf Kitchen Storage Organizer Space Saver, Sliver

  1. incognito

    Assembly was soooo simple. Ease of choosing/changing shelf heights could not be much easier. Love the adjustability. Able to fit perfectly into my space. Sturdy — clearly no risk of collapsing or falling over.I got it so that I could free up the countertop space, and have room for all the dishes and pots and pans at once, even on days where there are a lot of them. I’ve found myself actually storing things there, without diminishing its use as a dish drainer in the least. (Mostly, hanging my most often-used spatulas cup measures, kitchen scissors, storing my cutting board, things like that.)I can compare it to the other one I ordered and returned, the Sinoart 2-Tier Expandable Dish DrainerI thought I’d like the Sinoart, because the video made it seem flexible and smooth. In reality, it was far too much of a pain to assemble and so much less flexible in terms of spacing between shelves, (and between shelves and cross bar), that I couldn’t make it work for my space. The concept was intriguing, the execution lacking.This one, though, has such a deceptively simple design, that works great.Little things I would love to see improved — but which I don’t see being done better by any other design:I’d like for the knife-holder to have either a full backing, or a backing strip placed where it would work for short knives.I’d like it if the silverware holder could be hung off the front of the drainer, but it’s designed so it can only hang off the side. I just set it on one of the shelves, and that works ok, but is not ideal. Would take an adaptation, if they want it to still be hung off the side, since the thickness is different. Maybe hooks which are large enough for the front, with plastic or rubber spacers to fill in, if you wanted to hang it on the side? (These drainers are designed to drip into the sink while they dry, so anything hung on the side will drip onto the counter.)At least one part of the shelving where small items can be put to dry, without falling through. The “small bowl” part seems kinda dumb to me (though maybe brilliant for someone else), so maybe that section could be spaced closely enough for small items, instead?Or, just closer spacing on any/all of the sections of the plain shelf, (the which does not have the upright plate/bowl stacking section?)But, those are all small things, for each of which I have just made my own adaptations. This dish drainer has exceeded my hopes for opening up space in my tiny kitchen, while also fulfilling its other purpose of helping me to easily keep up on my dishes. And, I think my kitchen actually looks nicer with it, than without, so that’s an unexpected plus.All in all, I feel it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made.

  2. Heather L

    I have a family of 7 and I use to just use bathroom size towels laid on our counter to place the wet dishes because nothing we could find we liked or would even accommodate all our dishes. I am so glad I took the chance on this. I am not good at dimensions so I wasn’t sure , but let me just say My counters are free even at Christmas and Thanksgiving which I host at my house for my whole family 15-23 people sometimes more. I did not like the thing they sent for cups because ours are so big, so my hubs 3d printed some cup holders for it and I use the cup holder it came with for scissors or what ever else I can think of. I love how versatile and sturdy it is even putting huge sauce pots and cast iron on top rack. If you are looking for one I highly recommend this one a Huge space saver.

  3. Nahoapili

    I bought this awhile ago and wanted to wait awhile before I post a review. It is sturdy, easy to assemble and just perfect. I gained more counter space. No drippy drippy on the counters. I put pots on the top rack, mason jars, soup bowls. The downside the utensil holder is small, wished it had a larger one. I had to McGyver it with tie straps because I wanted it on the opposite side. I do not use the cutting board holder and wished it could be used on the opposite side for something else. The bar to hold the utensil cup and cutting board can only be used on one side of the rack. All in all, I am happy with the purchase.

  4. Penny

    I got this because I live in a small apartment with a small kitchen and getting a little more counter space is huge for me because I cook a lot. I saw an over the sink drainer on fb and my brain exploded – I hadn’t known they were a thing! – so I spent a bunch of time doing research and eventually picked this one after checking all the measurements, though why they are in mm remains mysterious since they’re all in nice even multiples of 10mm, or as I hear the kids are calling it these days, 1cm. Hey, who knows, I’m American. Anyway, the thing arrives, it’s the size they say it is, I have a disability that means my joints are messed up but I didn’t have to get help putting it together – it was slightly awkward but not worse than slightly awkward, it’s a slightly awkward structure. Instructions were easy to read and follow, they’re on the IKEA-style pictureless diagrams so that there’s minimal translating between languages, which I always appreciate from a design standpoint. It fits fine over my sink and is stable with the suction cups. It expanded with reasonable ease to the right size. It comes with four little attachments, one to hold cutting boards, one for knives, one for eating utensils (you know, forks and spoons and chopsticks), one to hold sponges and dish soap. The ones for cutting boards and dish soap are fine. The ones for knives and eating utensils are badly designed garbage – not only do they not work well, but less than two weeks after I got it the silverware one started breaking down – so you will need to get a silverware drainer that works for your setup. I’ve just ordered that and I’m going to zip-tie it on. 4 stars for most of it working, and it does hold more dishes than my prior flat countertop-hog drainer.

  5. Maneesh Kumar

    This dish-drying rack is simply awesome. Can be adjusted to the size of the kitchen sink. Does not block the faucet or the nice view outside the window. We have put our heavy dishes, bowls, and smaller appliances like mixer and grinders (big and small) on this rack and it is sturdy enough to hold those items. It has tons of accessories to keep your pans, mugs, spatulas, and dish scrubbers tidy. Also, there is a stand on the side to store a cutting board. It saved a lot of space in our tiny kitchen. Our guests feel motivated to buy one after seeing it in our kitchen and how well it serves the purpose. So far, we are more than satisfied.There was a small issue with one of the components and the customer service folks are amazing. They went above and beyond to address it and sent me the correct replacement. Kudos to them

  6. Adriana Barranco Torres

    Me encanto
    Esta super bonito, muy buena calidad y cambia el aspecto de organización de mi cocina.

  7. M. Dosseva

    Amazing space saver
    It fits great. I measured ahead of time to be sure it would. It’s an amazing space saver, I was able to completely get rid of my other countertop rack and free up that counter space.

  8. Fikrat

    Excellent drying rack
    I’m happy with this purchase- the product was easy to assemble, saves lots of space and made well.

  9. Richard Falasconi

    An absolute necessity for tiny kitchens
    My overwhelmingly cluttered kitchen is FREE AGAIN! I cant believe this unit holds 3 sink full of dishes.Wow

  10. Isa esparza

    Bonito pero meeeh puede mejorar
    Esta hermoso la verdad, pero pague un costo alto por el como para que traiga “detallitos” esperaba algo bien premium la verdad, en los Pros: bien comodo, espacioso, fácil de armar, parece que si es acero inoxidable (lo estaré usando unos meses y volveré aquí a contar que tal), me deja libre de trastes la encimera & fue justo el motivo por el que lo compre, el acabado es muy muy bonito… En los contras :/ hace un poco de ruido visual gracias a su gran tamaño, traía un montón de manchas blancuzcas & verdes que no se quitaron ni con jabón eso me dio mucho coraje pues no es algo barato, después de eso yo si lo recomiendo bastante 9/10

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