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Bonide Go Away! Rabbit, Dog, & Cat Repellent Granules, 3 lbs Ready-to-Use, Keep Dogs off Lawn, Garden, Mulch & Flower Beds

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  • Go Away! Rabbit, Dog & Cat Repellent Granules by Bonide effectively and naturally repel animals and deter them from forbidden areas in your yard, lawn and garden.
  • Use this product as a training aid! While this product is an animal behavior modification tool, it may need to be supplemented with other behavior modification techniques to break domestic animals and pets of existing bad habits.
  • Natural active ingredients are people and pet safe when used as directed. Cinnamon oil and Thyme oil act as a natural deterrent to keep cats, dogs and rabbits out your garden.
  • Protect yard, lawn, garden, flowerbeds, trees and shrubs. Natural essential oils are biodegradable and will not harm desirable plants around your home.
  • Go Away! Animal Repellent Granules arrive conveniently ready to use! The east-to-use dispenser cap allows you to evenly distribute pellets throughout your outdoor space to begin pest control.

Keep animals away with Go Away! Rabbit, Dog & Cat Repellent Granules! This product is intended for outdoor use – great for lawn & garden, flower beds, trees, shrubs and other areas. Natural ingredients cinnamon oil and thyme oil act as a natural deterrent to keep animals away. When used as directed, this product is safe for use around people and pets. Go Away! Granules work as a training aid for your pets and stray critters in your yard. This product arrives conveniently packaged and ready to use! To use, lightly ad evenly sprinkle a band of 4 feet wide around the area you wish to protect. Reapply product after heavy precipitation or every two weeks for best results. This product is intended as an animal behavior modification tool. For best results, supplement with other behavior modification techniques when training domestic animals to break them of existing bad habits.

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Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 7.13 × 10.75 in
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3.75 x 7.13 x 10.75 inches

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3.2 pounds



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Bonide Products LLC

7 reviews for Bonide Go Away! Rabbit, Dog, & Cat Repellent Granules, 3 lbs Ready-to-Use, Keep Dogs off Lawn, Garden, Mulch & Flower Beds

  1. CPayne90

    I placed this down to keep my neighbor’s Chihuahua away from my lawn. Because telling her to stay off has not worked. And yes, she keeps her dog on a leash, but doesn’t teach it where the property lines are….After applying this product, I saw that when her dog was sniffing it avoid the boarder of my property and stayed on their side. A small win, but I’ll take it.Now about the product itself. When I received two containers they were not filled to the top. Also to keep this little Chihuahua off my yard I had to use two of these to create a thick enough layer to make it work. This could be because it’s a first time application.I’m buying another round because rain is in the forecast and this needs to be reapplied after rainfall. Hopefully, this will continue to work.

  2. Sporadic W.

    We use this in our garden and yard perimeter- it seems to deter neighborhood pets on walks or loose domesticated animals, but results are mixed with wildlife. Bunny rabbits tend to leave the garden alone, but we have one persistent kitty that just love our garden.. so we are trying scat mats now on some of the furniture and one of our garden boxes.. but it just seems to lie on the ground in the garden now! We use quite a bit of this stuff- we like that it is all natural, no chemicals, so that is a big reason we continue to use and purchase it. Lost one star for the price- I wish there was a bigger size and that more you got there was a bulk price, we would buy more if that was the case.

  3. Twiddles42

    I had the same perceived problem as many others: a half-empty bottle, which seems inefficient. Remove the cap, note the lack of pull tab that most of these sorts of products have, and there’s enough empty space to throw in an ant colony and have enough room for a couple of aardvarks on top. It would make more sense to fill the bottle toward the top with repellent, add a pull tab seal as reassuring proof people are getting a confirmed unopened/new product, and charge a little more.

  4. De Jesus

    Bueno para mantener gatos alejados.

  5. Reginald C.

    I only received half of the product in the container. It works great but your selling half of the product in that big container.

  6. patricia r lloyd

    Product works but is temporary! Have to reapply often.

  7. ShaynaMadel

    I placed this on lawn and all while distributing it I was chocking coughing. You need to place a large amount to be effective keeping dogs away. This isn’t granular as described more like cremation dust.

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