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Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch Fruit Fly Trap (Single): for Indoor and Kitchen Use – Made with Plant Based Ingredients

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  • READY TO USE: Just open the flip top and set where fruit flies are seen or feared to quickly tackle the fruit fly population within a few days
  • MULTI-USE: Perfect for use in kitchens and a must for gardeners, farmer’s market and CSA lovers, home brewers, and composts pails
  • SAFE: FlyPunch fruit fly trap is safe for use around food and pets when used as directed
  • LONG LASTING: Lures fruit flies for up to 30 days.  Change as needed
  • POWERFUL ATTRACTANT: Attracts and traps fruit flies fast using safe, plant-based ingredients
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Active Ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Cas# 151-21-3 3.00% Malic Acid Cas# 6915-15-7 0.05% Other Ingredients;* 96.95% Total: 100.00% (*water Cas# 7732-18-5, Vinegar Cas# 8028-52-2, Ethyl Lactate Cas# 97-64-3, Citrus Pulp Cas# 68514-76-1)

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 2.2 × 5.13 in
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2.2 x 2.2 x 5.13 inches

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8 ounces



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Aunt Fannies

9 reviews for Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch Fruit Fly Trap (Single): for Indoor and Kitchen Use – Made with Plant Based Ingredients

  1. Deidre

    I bought this, having had a pretty decent gnat problem. I put them out, rught when they arrived, right before leaving for the day. I came home to a significantly decreased gnat issue. After the original decrease, however, there were still a few stragglers that won’t go. We’ve tried moving the containers around, to some success, but can’t get rid of them completely.As far as the smell. Of course it smells strongly, how else is it supposed to attract the bugs? This may be why we can’t get rid of the last few bugs. I think there are so many in the bottle that they can’t smell it anymore. I know I can’t smell it anymore.

  2. Andrea

    I bought three bottles of auntie’s product on Amazon 6 days ago to replace my DIY liquid attractant of appl cider vinegar +brown sugar +dish detergent.It’s been 5 days and can confirm the other negative reviews that the product CAN’T contain the same liquid attractant – the fruit flies feed on the liquid and are not trapped – they can fly away!!!I unintentionally performed a side by side experiment using this WORTHLESS product against my attractant. Both liquids were placed next to separate hanging cylinders of bright yellow sticky fly paper.I actually watched the flies fly from the auntie’s product into my liquid. Unlike the auntie product, any flies that were not trapped in my DIY liquid were trapped in the fly paper.After 5 days I had to replace the fly paper adjacent to DIY liquid. in contrast, the 3 bottles of Auntie containing who knows what had A TOTAL OF LESS THAN 20 IN THE BOTTLES AND ABOUT 10 TO 20 TRAPPED BY THE FLY PAPER.I am so angry about wasting money on products from Amazon with good reviews. This product has overall rating of 3.8. But that rating is CUMULATIVE – The much older reviews are generally positive compared to more current negative reviews. I conclude this is due to a change in formulation that neither amazon or the seller made clear.I was so pleased that Good Housekeeping had recommended the best way to eliminates fruit fly infestations in a recent article. The GH panel included this product as the only commercially effective liquid attractant since it contained malic acid as part of the formulation. the article made me remember that I had used Aunties successfully a few summers ago and loved their esthetics and effectiveness.I already emailed a request for them to provide evidence of its effectiveness using a recent bottle.I am requesting a refund from this seller based on my results and will update the status with both responses.Meanwhile if you are battling with fruit flies, infestations made worse by the higher temperature (I live in Connecticut) in the Northeast, read below.First understand that you must use the following steps throughout the fruit fly lifecycle (over several weeks so that the original fruit flies are trapped as well as the their progeny hatched from the hundreds of larvae deposited on whatever they fed on. {I am a biochemist and patent attorney so I needed to know what was going on}.Keep in mind for DIY solutions or other traps that you must attract and rid them from escaping. Otherwise you’ll have dead flies near and flying around the attractant.A single fruit fly will deposit hundreds of larvae on fruit and vegetables and existing food sources.Follow these steps :1. Clean all surfaces daily with your typical all purpose cleaner (I use Fantastic with bleach) wherever you find these annoying bugs. For us this is primarily the kitchen in addition to the bathroom and TV room.REMEMBER THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO LIGHT AND 1 FLY WILL DEPOSIT EGGS THAT MATURE IN about 5 to7 DAYS.2. Unfortunately surface cleaning every 1-2 days is necessary to eliminate flying flies you see and larva that will hatch that you can’t.3. Immediately thoroughly wash all fruit and vegetables (existing or new) and refrigerate.4. Eliminate All food debris from kitchen counters, microwave, garbage cans, toaster oven, pet water and food bowls, etc. and keep everything covered or washed like used knives, glassware and plates.5. If you think this is drastic like I did, then you will see an infestation that feels as if those little things won…6. in the article, Good housekeeping recommended this product as using malic acid which is found in apple cider vinegar. It was part of discussion on using a DIY solution see ingredients above. Any solution must also contain a detergent which causes the flies eating on the attractant liguid to sink in the solution. They can’t fly away and begin a new cycle of depositing eggs. At the beginning of the infestation I used the ingredients above along with standing/hanging yellow sticky fly paper I also bought from Amazon.I am very frustrated that I didn’t do the research and work upfront instead of wasting money trying to find the non-existent magic bullet all summer!! As much as I love tasty vine ripened tomatoes and other summer fruit and vegetables, it’s just not worth it. I think the high temperatures in July throughout the North East as well as nationaly/globally contributed to the problem experienced by me and almost everyone I know.

  3. Dr T

    For the first time in 20-plus years of living in this house, we had a major Fruitflygeddon for the past couple of weeks somehow, some way. Learned that the little monsters reproduce at a crazy rate once they’re comfy inside the home, too. Started reading some solutions as well as reviews at Amazon for this product. I could have gone and gotten most of it at the grocery store and assembled it myself, whatever, but ultimately I calculated that it wouldn’t save me all that much money, the positive reviews here seemed honest from real people who weren’t influenced by getting a free promotional item, etc., and I was seriously considering an axe or butane ice melting torch to finish them off at that point so I’d better move QUICKLY! I understand and have no reason to doubt reviewers who said this product didn’t work for them. All I can attest is that it worked for US, and quickly and efficiently.They will make rooms smell a little vinegary for a while during use, but not enough to bother us (and it’s kind of reminiscent of passing by a restaurant kitchen to me!). Amazon Prime *actually delivered* the next day for once as promised, on time. I popped all three out into strategic locations, and within 24 hours I had fruitfly bodies- lots of them- collecting in the containers (I actually only had a few in one and lots in the other 2, so I repositioned the one to a better location and it became like Silence of the Fruitflies pretty quickly). Within 48 hours, which was another 48 hours ago as I write this, there are no remaining traces of the little monsters dancing around our home. I’m leaving the bottles out for another week just to make sure- but my final evaluation is that this product worked like a dream and was worth every penny.

  4. jalbhc

    I was wary of buying this stuff after reading some contrary reviews that said it did nothing. I decided to take a chance, and I’m left wondering how those people managed to get bad results. The pictures I uploaded are after only a couple hours. By the next day, my kitchen is finally clear of the nasty little buggers. I have to wonder what others were doing… maybe placing it in a bad spot, or checking it too soon, or maybe they have some other kind of fly they are dealing with? I don’t know, but for me, it worked painlessly and right away. I’m sold on this stuff if I ever have a problem again.

  5. mistersofty

    Just about does the job
    Initially trapped and killed fruit flies but quickly lost its potency

  6. Kelly m

    Happy customer
    Thought was a little pricey for what it is but it was so worth the money. Have recommended it to family and friends will definitely use again if needed. Had fruit flies in a bedroom and kitchen and within 2 days they were gone and there was loads of them. Definitely use this product you won’t be disappointed

  7. Hannah

    I loved this! I had so many of these horrid tiny flies flying around my fruit. Decided to get this. It isn’t cheap but it sure well does the job. I’d say in 48 hours I caught 20 plus in there. Thanks Aunt Fannie

  8. L. A. P

    Useless vinegar in a bottle trap.
    This is effectively vinegar in a plastic container. You could make your own for around £1 and it would be more effective . The container is not even shaped to trap them. They fly around it but not in it. This seems to attract flies but it doesn’t trap or kill any….not a single one. Using your own trap is better. Please don’t waste your money … this is just an expensive rip off and doesn’t work.

  9. Charlie Hainsworth

    Fruit flies are gone!
    This really works! I don’t know how I got a fruit fly problem, but this stuff sorted it out. It doesn’t smell very nice, but a small price to pay.

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