Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grill and Cooking. Best Waterproof Ultra Fast Thermometer with Backlight & Calibration. Digital Food Probe for Kitchen, Outdoor Grilling and BBQ!

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  • Instant Read Food Thermometer | Our instant read thermometer features a temperature probe and advanced, highly accurate technology with 2-3 seconds response time; Instructions, 2 CR2 button battery, meat temperature chart, 4 hook and loop dots for storage, comes pre-calibrated for your convenience, and recalibrating feature if needed.
  • Multi-Use | From bbq thermometer to baking thermometer, our digital food thermometer for cooking is perfect for meats, liquids, deep frying and candy making.
  • Easy-Read Digital Thermometer For Cooking | Large instant thermometer dial with bright blue backlight means you can always read the temperature, whether you are grilling in the dark or baking in your kitchen.
  • Water-Resistant | Perfect digital cooking thermometer for meat, our digital meat thermometer for food of any kind is water-resistant IP66 rated and can be washed and cleaned under running water.
  • Wedding Registry Search Digital Food Thermometer | Our meat thermometers for cooking and grilling are delivered in an elegant, foam lined box, making it the ideal gift for any barbecue or cooking enthusiast or professional. Makes for the perfect food thermometer for cooking.
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Get accurate and fast temperatures in 2 seconds!

The Hold button feature allows you to lock the screen for easy temperature reading.

Conveniently designed and always handy. Hang the thermometer on a hook or use the magnet for storage.




The bright backlight display makes it easy to read the temperature even at night!

180° folding probe makes it easy to use in any cooking situation.

The temperature chart provide guidance for all your cooking needs – right in your own hands.



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Weight 2.4 lbs

Alpha Grillers

Special Feature

Fast Reading System



Age Range (Description)


Included Components

Digital Meat Thermometer

Outer Material


Specification Met

Digital Meat Thermometer

Display Type


Unit Count

1 Count

Power Source

Battery Powered

Model Name


Number of Batteries

1 CR2032 batteries required.

Item Length

6.73 Inches

Upper Temperature Rating

300 Degrees Fahrenheit

Response Time

3 seconds



Lower Temperature Rating

1 Degrees Fahrenheit

Indoor/Outdoor Usage

Outdoor, Indoor

Item Weight

2.4 ounces



Country of origin ‏

‎ China

Item model number ‏



1 CR2032 batteries required.

Date First Available ‏

January 15, 2015

Manufacturer ‏

Alpha Grillers, yemaolin

20 reviews for Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grill and Cooking. Best Waterproof Ultra Fast Thermometer with Backlight & Calibration. Digital Food Probe for Kitchen, Outdoor Grilling and BBQ!

  1. Hope

    So far it’s working wonderfully. Very quick to read the temperature and very accurate. The set up was basically done as soon as coming out of the package. It cleans up very easily. Not sure about durability yet. But it was a fraction of the price of other instant read food thermometers.

  2. Sadiki Gordon

    I recently purchased the Alpha Grillers Instant Read Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer, and it has completely transformed my cooking experience. This little gadget deserves a solid 5-star rating!Firstly, the instant-read feature is incredibly impressive. Within seconds, I can accurately measure the temperature of my meat, ensuring that it’s cooked to perfection. This has eliminated the guesswork and uncertainty, resulting in consistently delicious meals every time.What sets this thermometer apart is its waterproof design. I can confidently use it without worrying about accidental splashes or even submerging it while cleaning. The durability of the device is exceptional, and it has withstood various cooking adventures without any issues.The large, backlit LCD screen is a dream come true, making it effortless to read the temperature even in low-light conditions. It’s a convenient feature that adds to the overall user-friendly experience.The thermometer’s versatility is another standout aspect. It works flawlessly with all types of meat, whether I’m grilling steaks, roasting chicken, or smoking ribs. The temperature range is extensive, accommodating various cooking techniques and preferences.Lastly, the ergonomic design and comfortable grip make it a joy to use. It fits perfectly in my hand, and the foldable probe ensures safe storage and prevents accidental damage.In conclusion, the Alpha Grillers Instant Read Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer has exceeded my expectations. It’s reliable, durable, and user-friendly, providing accurate temperature readings in a matter of seconds. If you’re serious about achieving perfectly cooked meals, this thermometer is an absolute game-changer. Highly recommended!

  3. Squid Ink

    This is my favorite kitchen tool, words cannot begin to express. I wish I purchased one sooner. It seems like it will last me forever, also it’s easy to read, very simple to clean, the probe is perfect length (I don’t worry about burning myself), and you can just throw it in a drawer or where ever when you’re done. Came with an extra battery too. It’s accurate and instantly tells you temperatures. Even has self shut off if you have it open for too long to save battery life!

  4. Majog

    I had another brand that I used and it broke twice. This one seems a bit more sturdy. I like that the temp notes on what is rare, medium, and well is printed on the device itself. Only reasons I did not give it 5 stars was I am not sure how it will hold up over time and I found a very similar device in a multi grilling pack of meat probes and themometers for only slightly more money.

  5. Sharon U.

    I liked the read out…very crisp and clear and the overall ease of use, reliability and performance is a real deal! I’m very happy with storage also.

  6. J.B.

    I just got a pellet grill, so I ordered this not really expecting much – I just wanted a quick and easy way to make sure I was getting whatever I was smoking up to the right temp. I was happily surprised to discover all the little features this thing has that you normally don’t think about. First off, it has your ideal cooking temps for various meats printed right on the front. This by itself has been a huge time saver for me, since I would normally just pull out my phone and Google whatever I’m cooking to double check. I don’t need to do that anymore (and honestly I don’t look at the thermometer much anymore either, since you tend to memorize temp ranges for various cuts once you’ve been smoking for a little while – but still, it’s an excellent quick reference). Secondly, the simplicity. Very easy to read even in bright sunlight, there are no buttons to worry about, no on/off switch to fiddle with – just open it up and it turns on, close it and if shuts off. Simple as that, and you don’t have to worry about killing the battery accidentally. Third thing, it’s very accurate. I have a Camp Chef DLX24 with two temp probes that plug into the front of the control panel, and this thermometer was within 1°F of both probes. I know that’s not exactly scientific, but I’d call that pretty dang good for a relatively inexpensive thermometer. Last thing that I love about it (and this is something I just discovered by mistake the other day) is that it has a magnet built into the body! Stick it to the grill or smoker while you’re cooking, then wipe it down and pop it on the side of the fridge until next time.Overall, I’m really happy with this little guy. It’s well designed, ergonomic, easy to use, it was well packaged, and came with a spare battery. The only gripe I have with most of these things is that they use button cell batteries…which I have a genuine disdain for, lol. I wish they would make these things work with AAA’s or AA’s, since everyone has a box of those laying around the house somewhere. Nobody I know keeps button batteries laying around. In fairness though, if that’s the worst thing I can come up with to criticize then they’ve done a pretty good job. All in all, two thumbs up.

  7. frogman

    It works great. Easy to use, and easy to tell the temperature. It even comes with an extra battery. It’s the best meat thermometer I’ve ever used.

  8. Opinions4U

    This works great, not finicky, and it’s portable to take for cookouts in the picnic basket.

  9. Jesus

    Buen producto para el precio
    Precio y calidad lo valen


    So good
    So faster and good

  11. Gordon Ung

     This review covers the original Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer I purchased in February of 2017–and the new upgraded model you see here (June 2020 anyway). The original thermometer was purchased for $15 based on users reviews on Amazon. You can’t find images of it here anymore (although you can see it in my picture comparing the 2017 model to the 2020 model), but it worked well enough and I’ve been mostly happy with it for the last three years. Recently it went from unreliably turning on, to not turning without removing the AAA battery and futzing with it (no corrosion) for 10 minutes. I was disappointed but $15 for three years of service and left out in the elements, I can’t complain too much. I started to browse for a replacement and see that Alpha Grillers’ has a “lifetime warranty” so I email them pictures of the unit, invoice info, etc. I kid you not: two days later, a replacement arrives from Amazon, and it’s the latest version. So none of that “pay for shipping” the dead unit back to them, and we’ll see what we can do run around. This alone, should convince you that it’s worth buying this thermometer since we all know most of the hardware on Amazon is sourced from a giant factory making and selling units to other resellers. It’s probably not a question of the difference in the label–it’s a difference in the customer support and there, Alpha Grillers gets 5-stars.Accuracy and responseSince I have the new unit, I wanted to see how accurate it was so I compared it to my Fluke 52 thermocouple thermometer with a Fluke 80PK-2A immersion probe that I had calibrated with a GE Druck DPI-822. I then filled a narrow mouth Pyrex 1,000ml flask with water from our hot water pot that had been set to 208 F and tried to hold both probe tips near each other in the hot water while trying to take a picture with the hand on a phone. The Fluke 52 and 80PK-2A read out at 184.4 while the Alpha Grillers displayed 184.1. As you know, water cools off fast and it’s you don’t uniform temperature in the container so the 0.3 degree difference could be the actual temperature difference from the probe positions in the hot water or even the probe shaft differences. Basically, the accuracy is excellent for a $20 meat thermometer.I also wanted to see how fast the Alpha Grillers unit responds so I filled a second small glass container with ice and water and recorded the display as it was dunked from the ice water back into the hot water (which had now cooled off further). You can watch the video above (it goes from removal from ice bath to hot water, and then back to ice bath and again back to the hot water) but it does respond extremely fast but not necessarily “instant.” To be fair, “instant” is more of a marketing term and open to interpretation anyway. “Instant” coffee still takes time to add to water and stir for example.I’d say it takes about 3.5 seconds to respond to the ice bath to hot water–which is “instant” for most of us. For example, the Fluke 80PK-2A is far slower by design because it’s a non-tapered, thicker, stainless immersion probe that absorbs a lot of the heat and can take a lot more abuse. The more slender tapered Alpha Grillers tapered tip is designed to pierce meat and also responds far quicker since you don’t have to heat up a lot of metal.As far as the design of the unit, like the previous model, it features a hidden magnet to let you stick it to side of your grill which is a great feature, and the hole lets you hang it from a hook as well if your grill’s hooks are large enough. The package also comes with four small hook and loop (Velcro) with adhesive on the back if you want to Velcro it to something.The new model’s rubber buttons are also far easier to press than the previous design’s plastic bubble-type. New to this model is very even white LED backlighting. Yes, it looks blue in the official marketing pictures but that’s the digital camera color temperature at work–it’s actually white.Hold functionAlso new is a hold, and min max function. The function is unlike most typical thermometers which typically cycle from room temperature to max temp and min temp. It’s pretty thought out here for a meat thermometer. On the older model which doesn’t have the old function, I would stick the thermometer in to the meat on the grill and twist my head over to see the current temp. On meat on the rear of the grill this means getting your head into odd angles and also pretty close to the grill.With the new model, you insert the probe, press the Hold button to activate the hold (it will display HOLD) and read the temp without all the head craning and heat on your face. Press Hold to release the hold function.One thing I want to point out: the UI for the hold function might be a little confusing because the hold function first requires that you turn on the hold function before you can use it. This occurs from off state to on. So like most, if you have it folded shut, and open to use, you will have to press the Hold button to turn on the mode. That means the first time you want to use it, you’ll have to press it twice: Once to activate the hold mode, and once again to do the first hold. After its in its hold mode, it operates the way you expect it to: Into meat, Hold button to read, and Hold button to release. It doesn’t turn off until the thermometer is switched off.Max Min FunctionThe same Hold button also activates a max and min temp. This again is unlike the typical user interface of a temperature gauge with room temp / max / min cycle with a single click. To read the maximum temperature, you press and hold the Hold button for 3 seconds and it will display the maximum temperature with MAX in the display. Press again and will see the minimum recorded temperature since the unit was on and MIN in the display. One more press and you exit back into the standard mode. Note: you CANNOT the Max/Min function if it is currently in HOLD. You have to do this from the normal operations. Undocumented feature: Alpha Grillers’ documentation say to clear the recorded max/min by turning the unit off (folding the thermometer shut) but if you are in the MAX or MIN mode, you can simply press and hold the Hold button for three seconds and it will reset both recorded max and min memories.Calibration ModeUnlike the 2017 mode, the 2020 version features a calibrate feature. On the button that lets you switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, pressing the button for 5 seconds will let you calibrate the unit. The instructions say to put the probe into a container of ice and water by using the Cal (f/c) button or the Hold button to set the calibration point to 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C. Obviously out of the box accuracy is excellent and for meat grilling do you really need this kind of accuracy or to even calibrate? I dunno. I was more afraid of accidentally pressing the calibrate button and throwing it out of whack so I went ahead and pressed the Cal button for 5 seconds which causes the display to show “CALL” (yes there’s only one L in calibrate) but rather then letting me accidentally mess up the calibration, the thermometer displayed “ERR” and then went back into normal operation. My guess is the unit won’t even let you calibrate it unless it’s in an ice bath first so my worries about screwing up the calibration are pretty unlikely since you’d have to accidentally dunk it into an ice bath first.Build quality and batteryUnlike the original Alpha Grillers I had which runs off of AAA, the new unit uses (which comes pre-installed) a CR2032 coin cell. I think this is an improvement as AAA kinda stink. They seem to be the most prone to leaking of all the cylinder cells I use (looking at you Kirkland). Lithium coin-cells, though more expsnsive, are more reliable, far less likely to leak (and ruin your unit) and operate at lower temperatures. The higher voltage also means more power for the the advanced functions in the unit too. I can’t say anything about battery life as I haven’t had the unit long enough, but I’m sure the LED backlight is the largest consumer of power so if you use it sparingly, it’ll probably last quite a while.Water resistanceAlpha Grillers calls it “water proof” and in the documentation, it’s stated that you can “fully submerge” it in water for a short-time so long as the battery compartment is screwed on tightly. I didn’t dunk my unit but I have no reason to doubt the water resistance of it. There are no visible screws anywhere on the unit and there is a gasket in the battery compartment (the gasket could be a little larger though to increase the seal as there are no ridges to mate with the gasket on the actual battery cover, just a flat surface). The only ingress of water would likely come through the gasket flattening over time or through the pivot point of the probe.The previous 2017 model used a small nub switch that the temperature probe boom depresses to switch off or on. This switch has moved to the inside of the unit which also adds to its water resistance. The probe boom itself is very stiff to open and close which also adds to water resistance. I have no idea how the probe is connected to actual controller board inside or how water resistant that is. The 2020 unit actually switches off at about a 45 degrees angle too which is an improvement over the 2017 model which required closing it firmly to switch off. I would often not switch off if you didn’t close it correctly.I think this is plenty of water and dirt resistance for a meat thermometer unless you’re a Navy Seal Griller who needs to scuba up from a sub before grilling on the beach. The main take away is you can probably leave this on your grill during inclement weather without worrying about it being killed. The previous model I had did not have any weather resistance claims and also no gasket in the battery compartment which might be how I killed it.ImprovementsComing from the previous model, it’s a big improvement but it’s not without complaints. I think the Hold feature is great, but the button is too close to the temperature scale and backlight button. This means you have to angle your thumb to hit it straight on. You’re also going to almost always hit that button from an angle which will put more stress on it over time. The other complaint is the hold button should be activated from power on without having to press it once. I suppose this is done to prevent someone from reading the wrong temperature but I’d rather have it on.Overall the 2020 model is a big improvement over the 2017 model. Currently it’s quite a bit more expensive ($15 for 2017 model vs $20 for 2020 model) but I think the improvements are worth it. And let me again point out the customer service Alpha Grillers provides. My old one let go three and half years later and they stood behind it. For a $15 thermometer. Even if they didn’t and they said, “it’s been three years bud,” I’d buy another one with the improvements, accuracy and speed the new model has over the old one.And yes, I received this unit free, because my old unit died. Alpha Grillers sent it to me as a warranty replacement not to have it reviewed. It did not ask me to write my review, I did it because a company that stands behind its products deserves recognition and is worthy of my time spent.

  12. A. E.

    Right off the bat, this meat thermometer seems so much better than my old one. Not only does it have a lifetime warranty (that’s a PLUS), but it has a hold feature so that you can hold (save) the current temp even after removing the probe from the meat, & a backlight.There’s also a meat temp guide right on the thermometer in case you forgot the correct serving temps for different meat. Plus, there’s a EXTRA BATTERY! Yay! Just tuck the extra button battery in the small box that the thermometer came in, put it in a kitchen drawer, & it’s there when the original one dies.But, don’t forget… you should buy a couple more to have on hand once you pop in the reserve battery.

  13. wildwoman

    I can depend on this thermometer to be accurate and it is so easy to use. I had an issue where someone in my family had managed to loose the battery cover. This was not an issue with the product itself, but I contacted the seller to ask if there was any way to get a replacement cover. I had rapid feed back (less than one hour) and they resolved my issue at no cost to me although it was not their fault. I would definitely purchase again.

  14. Mr. John

    Excellent product, even comes with an extra battery! This replaces an old digital thermometer which was a brand name. It did not have a battery that you could replace. This gave you a lot of confidence. It was time for a replacement and fortunately I found this one. It’s everything they said and then some. Magnetic handle! What great idea! Lighted dial when needed! I don’t need to say more, it’s all listed. About durability? That takes time and hopefully I won’t be back soon for that review.

  15. Brad & Patti Kirk

    My husband is a big fan of smokers and all they entail. He loves traveling to go to competitions. This tool is perfect for him. He has used it so many times I cannot tell you how many. He always speaks highly about it and has told so many others about it. The readings are clear and precise. It is durable and attractive. You’ve got yourselves a spokesperson for sure.

  16. Jesus

    Buen producto para el precio
    Precio y calidad lo valen


    So good
    So faster and good

  18. Ella

    Das Thermometer ist super
    Das Thermometer macht was es soll und alles andere lief auch super! Gerne wieder!!

  19. Ferdinand Maglangit

    Item received as advertised. Thanks Seller
    Item received as advertised. Thanks Seller

  20. Woody

    Works great!
    I bought it as a gift for my son and he tells me it works great. He has used it several times and finds it accurate and easy to read, and loves that he can wash it in the sink!! He also likes that it folds nicely to fit in the drawer.

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